Finding Balance with My Fashion Career and My Life

Finding Balance with My Fashion Career and My Life

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made a daring, late-in-life career change into the Fashion Industry. It was a bold move and certainly not one I regret. I just decided I didn’t want to work at a job that I wasn’t passionate about for the rest of my life. I’ve done well in a short time and am on the fast-track to bigger and better. But since then, I’ve struggled to find balance in my life. It’s more difficult to find time to do other things I love, like working out, hiking, skiing, playing with my dog, Scarlet, finding time to hang out with friends who have completely different lives…. I think you get the gist of this problem! And I don’t think it’s an uncommon problem for a lot of people in general, let alone for those of us who work (and live) fashion. We have crazy hours, work holidays, have days off during the week, etc.
My goal for the next 6 months is to find a solution to this problem, and quite possibly achieve that balance that I desperately need. I’m going to really need to work hard at this though, as I know it won’t be easy. These are the things I’m going to do to find MY BALANCE:
Whenever I’m invited somewhere, whether it be after work, or the day after I’ve worked 5 days in a row on my feet, I pretty much consistently say NO – because I just ‘know’ I’ll be tired, or I ‘need’ to get home..Whatever my reasons are, I have to make myself go do something fun! Socialize, have a drink, go see a movie, go to a party, out to dinner… so many things I’m missing out on because “I’m tired”, or I think I’ll be too tired. No more of that.. I mean, YES!

My excuse is that I don’t have time, or again, that I’m too tired. But in reality, if I just make a plan each week according to my schedule, and stick to it, I’ll have more energy and be happier. I need those endorphins in my life again! And quite frankly, I want bigger muscles so I look and feel better about myself. So YES, I’m going to workout! It will be hard at first to get back into it, but once I make it a habit and get into a routine, it will become 2nd nature.

I love to hike and ski, and living in Colorado, there are so many nice, sunny days and great outdoor activities that I should be participating in. Hiking a 14ner has always been a goal of mine. So I need to look at my schedule and find a good time to go since both activities pretty much take up a whole day, and if I need to request a day off in order to do it with a friend, then so be it.. no big deal, right? RIGHT!

This is something I’m sure we can all do better at, but for me, taking care of myself physically and mentally often takes a backseat to everything else going on in my life. I get so caught up in work sometimes that I’ll literally forget to eat or drink enough water.. that is not acceptable! I have got to make myself a priority. After all, how will I be able to continue to chase my dreams if I’m not healthy? I’m going to eat more, healthier food, and make myself drink plenty of fluids while at work especially. And no more excuses on this! It supposedly takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I know I can do anything for 21 days! I can bring food to work, even if it’s small snacking-type foods, like nuts or fruit. And I’ll continue to bring my water bottle to work that I put my dissolvable collagen/protein powder and Spark in, but I’ll actually drink it! And not just one bottle… I should need to refill it 2 or 3 times in an 8 hour shift, plus lots of fluids when I get home too.

Scarlet is my 5 year old American Bulldog and the absolute love of my life. And although this is difficult to think about, she won’t be around forever, and I’m not going to have regrets when she’s no longer with me. I need to walk her more, play with her more, and take her with me everywhere I can. She loves going anywhere, so if I’m going to be doing more hikes and outdoor activities, this is the perfect opportunity to take her with me. We’ve been through a lot together and I just adore her! I feel so guilty sometimes when I get home from work, and again, I’m ‘tired’…. she will greet me at the door with a toy or just a playful, happy tail wag, and I need to put my shoes on for 10 minutes as soon as I get home (or if I can, before work), and take her out for a walk or a quick romp in the backyard. And on my days off, instead of spending all my free time catching up on laundry and cleaning, I need to make her a priority first! Laundry and cleaning can always wait, but time with Scarlet is limited, so I need to make her more of a priority. She’s not just my dog.. she’s my child and my family.

I know this post was pretty much about me and how I can improve my life and find BALANCE, but maybe it will help someone else too. I sure hope so! I’ll write another post soon and let you know how my 5 plans are working out..
Thanks for reading, my friends!
Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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