An Inspirational Monday

An Inspirational Monday

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Since the deaths of John McCain and Aretha Franklin, and seeing their funerals and the great speakers that spoke with their usual inspirational rhetoric, I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and what inspires each of us.
“The Man in the Arena” portion of Theodore Roosevelt’s speech that he gave in France in 1910 has been spoken about a lot in regards to John McCain and his heroism. I read the entire 18 page speech this morning, and it is quite incredible. But I can definitely see why the small paragraph that we all now refer to as “The Man in the Arena” is so famous. Although the whole speech is largely about France, our Republics, Equality as defined by our Constitution, our duty as citizens, etc. Apparently Teddy Roosevelt was quite shocked that this speech he gave became so famous. If only he knew now that tattoos of part of his speech are on the arms of celebrities like Miley Cyrus…. I wonder what he would think about that?

So I was thinking about what different things inspire each of us. We don’t all want the same things in life, aside from health and happiness I suppose. So I ask each of you – WHAT INSPIRES YOU??
I am inspired by others’ heroism, truths being spoken out loud, great deeds done anonymously, great moms and dads, people who work hard, and I mean REALLY hard. I’m inspired by people who go after their dreams and achieve them. I’m inspired by people who say how they are really feeling, instead of pretending to be happy when they really aren’t at all.
There is a poem called “Comes the Dawn” that I found somehow way back in high school and I’ve referred to it often since then. Ive had a printout of it for probably 15 years now and I have it memorized. I believe I read some time ago that it was written initially for women who were going through a divorce. But if I hadn’t read that somewhere many years ago, I wouldn’t have put that together. To me, this is such an inspiration because it speaks to being independent and basically to stop waiting for that ‘knight in shining armor’ to come save the poor helpless girl in distress. We, as women, are far from helpless. I mean, sure, I can’t change the oil in my car or change a tire, and I put coolant in my Jeep the other day, which would have been great had I needed coolant and/or put it in the right place. But no, I put it where the windshield wiper fluid is supposed to go, because I thought that ‘coolant’ was ‘windshield wiper’ fluid. So in that respect, I may be a bit on the ‘helpless’ side, but I still have the knowledge and resources to take it somewhere and fix what I did wrong. And I learned to never make that mistake again. Plus, I have a funny story now lol! But I’m not talking about cars here, obviously. We, as women, are smart, strong, deep thinkers, emotional (I mean that as a positive), courageous, intuitive, hard workers, independent, and on and on….
This Poem teaches me, most importantly, ‘the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul’, ‘kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises’, and to ‘decorate my own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring me flowers’…. INDEPENDENCE!

Some other great inspirational posts are below:

I love this quote below. I finally love what I do, finally! I’ve found my career in the Fashion Industry and feel the sky is the limit! I have always naturally had a great work ethic, working hard and going above and beyond even in jobs I wasn’t passionate about. That work ethic, I know, came from my hard working mother, which I am eternally grateful for. When your passion and career collide, it really is a beautiful thing! I look forward to going to work and try to better myself each day. I have a Bachelors Degree, but it has nothing to do with Fashion or The Business of Fashion. I’ve looked into taking taking classes at the Fashion Institutes here in Denver as well as NYC. I’d love to get another degree in something I’m passionate about that will also help my career.

This last post below by Steve zfubcspeaks to me quite a bit. Basically since college, I think I’ve moved about 10 times! From U of F in Florida to Tampa, to St. Petersburg, then Chicago, Miami, South Beach (not sure how I survived that!), back to Tampa, Denver, California, back to Denver, and now a couple of times here in the Denver area. I always SAY that I just get bored being in the same place for a long time, which is partly true, but what is more true is that I think if I move, I will find that happiness or void that I feel sometimes, like something is missing in my life. And also very true for me, especially working in the Fashion Industry is ‘Happiness cannot be… owned or worn’. We all talk about ‘Retail Therapy’ in kind of a funny way, but really, buying something does make me happy… but just for a moment. That kind of happiness is fleeting, and trivial. I want the type of happiness that comes with ‘The Spiritual Experiences of Living Every Minute with THE ‘. THAT is my goal!

Well, that is my early Monday morning post on Inspiration! I really hope this helps someone, even if it’s just one person. That will make me very happy! And I’d love to hear about what inspires you!
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹



  1. September 6, 2018 / 2:33 am

    Love that magical word “grace”! You brought all of the points about happiness in one great blog post. Thank you for reminding me that happiness isn’t about things but about others!! ☺️

    • September 7, 2018 / 4:18 am

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked this post! And I agree with you about happiness NOT being about ‘things’. Working in the Fashion Industry, I have to constantly remind myself of that.. thanks again! 😍

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