Modeled Styles Part 2

Modeled Styles Part 2

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I’ve been working so hard lately, and I finally had some time off of work. So of course, I did my usual ‘fun’ things that I always do – laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. You know, all that fun stuff. But I finally had a day just for ME, and what better way to spend it than shopping and visiting with some old friends.
I started the day by FINALLY purchasing some new glasses for myself that I’ve needed for about 3 years now. I wear contacts, but also wear glasses at home a lot and to work occasionally. I wanted a ‘fashion-forward’ pair that would also look good at work. I’ve been wearing glasses from about 2 prescriptions ago! So even though this was kind of an errand and a necessity, if you will, I was still excited about it because I picked out a really cool pair of ‘Fashion Forward’ and classy glasses (in my opinion, of course lol). They are being made as I write this, so I should have them soon. What do we think?!

I spent the rest of the day shopping at one of my favorite malls and Nordstrom’s in Denver…. And I have never REALLY visited the Nordstrom in Denver. I was there a year ago, and I literally ran in to the Nordstrom’s Shoe Department and bought my first pair of Gucci’s and immediately left. So I didn’t see the whole store. I now have a lot of friends who have transferred there, so I wanted to see them too. It ended up being such a fun day!
I arrived at the mall and headed over to Nordstrom and went upstairs. I immediately was drawn to the Designer and Collectors Department (obviously), and started picking out some items I wanted to try on. I found my friend and we started a room while I continued to shop. I first had to try this incredible Yves Saint Laurent Bag in this gorgeous pewter/silver color. How amazing is this bag?!

I finally put down the bag down (which was difficult lol), and started trying on, taking pictures all the while. The picture below is a dress from one of my favorite dress designers, Dress the Population. It fit perfectly and I felt like a golden goddess in it! If you have never tried a dress from Dress the Population, you must try one! They aren’t for everyone, but they can be, and I always recommend Dress the Population to my clients, depending on their style and/or body type, and 99% of the time, they fall in love with them. I just sold 3 yesterday to clients who said they would not have even thought to try them on. So get out of your comfort zone, and just TRY a dress on, (or whatever it is), and you just never know if that will be THE dress! Plus, dresses especially look a lot different on the hangar than on your body..

This next picture features jeans by L’Agence. These jeans are amazing! They have a gold stripe down the side that really makes it unique. I’m also modeling a Black Blouse by DVF. I loved the blouse, but ended up just getting the jeans. These jeans are high-rise, and up to this point, I haven’t gotten on the ‘high-rise’ bandwagon, so this was a momentous occasion I suppose… Although I probably won’t ever wear the jeans with a short top that shows off the high-rise. I am all legs to begin with, and feel that high-rise jeans make me look like I’m just a head with legs lol!

I had also grabbed this DVF yellow shimmer animal print blouse, which I absolutely fell in love with… I’m not usually drawn to yellow, but it went so well with the jeans that I had to at least try it! It was $398, so not a purchase to be taken lightly. I had to think about this one, and still am considering purchasing it. The more I look at it though, the more I want it, so I may still purchase this beauty.

Next was a beautiful, colorful shimmer DVF Dress. This was a knockout! I could get a lot of wear out of this… And could also throw a nice black blazer over it for a more professional look. I have enough black blazers in my wardrobe to last a lifetime. It fit beautifully aside from maybe needing to take it in a little in the back or sides. Other than that, I highly recommend this dress!

And then down to the Shoe Department (still carrying the YSL Bag). I have a friend who works there, and he knows my style because we used to work together before he transferred. I tried on my very first pair of Valentino’s. They are the Valentino Black Suede ‘Rockstud’ Bootie, and they were pure perfection! Loved them and bought them! They are SO my style – classy, sexy, and edgy.

I then found a new brand that I hadn’t heard of before called P448. These sneakers were so unique and edgy that I ended up purchasing those too! I loved them so much that I later ordered another pair in this dynamite blue color shown below. I’m going to find a way to wear these sneakers to work in a stylish, true to my style, way. I haven’t decided what I’m going to pair these with yet, but I will be sure and post pics once I do!

And the vintage-looking Gucci Sneakers below were a must-have… I’ve been looking at these for a long time now, and finally got to try them on, and they were all I hoped they would be! They had to be ordered in my size, so I should have them very soon. I love the “old-school” look of them, and I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of these.
Now that I’ve purchased 4 new pairs of shoes, I need to go in my closet and do some purging. Out with the old, in with the new! I take very good care of my clothes and shoes, specifically Designer Items. I tend to get bored easily with wearing the same styles of shoes and clothes, so I make sure to keep them in prime condition so I can sell them later if I choose too. For example, the very first pair of Gucci Heels I purchased, while I loved them and how they looked, they hurt terribly and I couldn’t wear them for more than a few hours. I had only worn them to work a half dozen times, and they never actually hit the pavement, only the tile at work, so they literally looked brand new. I ended up selling them for about $400, which was pretty close to what I paid!

I spent some more time with my girlfriend there and we had coffee together. Also said hello to some other old fellow co-workers. By that time, it was about 2 (and I started early!). I had one stop to make, then ventured in to Urban Outfitters, and while I was just looking around, the fire alarms went off. I honestly didn’t pay much attention, as did no one else. They kept going off, and finally an employee from the store said we needed to evacuate immediately! So I spent the next 2 hours outside, in the rain, unable to get to my car or to my Nordstrom friends! Three fire trucks came raging up with sirens blazing, but then the firefighters just kind of meandered into Nordstrom. So now I’m thinking there’s a fire in Nordstrom! Finally the alarms went off and we were allowed back in. It turned out there was just a malfunction in the wiring of the alarm system! So now it’s 5pm and rush hour in downtown Denver, and it’s time to go. I was trying to get out before rush hour, but things happen, so I just rolled with it and enjoyed a nice, LONG drive home lol!
That was my day for “ME” though, and all-in-all, it was a pretty good day! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Please visit again, as I have 2 more posts almost ready to go. And I’d love to hear from you too, so please feel free to comment. Thanks, friends! 😘
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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