5 Types of Shoes Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

5 Types of Shoes Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

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Hello, my friends! Happy Friday… woohoo! Please tell me what your plans are for the weekend… I’d love some ideas from you for myself as well!
I was thinking about what to write about next, and it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to write about shoes! I’m a crazy ‘Shoe Addict’, so why have I not written about shoes yet?! I do have some authority on this subject because I am a crazy shoe person. I also live in Colorado now, where many types of shoes are required throughout the year. And, of course, I live and work FASHION! I’m always giving advice to people about the best shoes to wear with a particular outfit. And my closet has a literal ‘Wall of Shoes’ in it. The picture below is from when my closet was first designed. I always knew I wanted a ‘Wall of Shoes’, so that was my first priority in the design of my closet! This picture was taken about 5 years ago when the closet was first built, so I’ll post another below it of what it looks like now… Hint: All different shoes!😉

Picture of my shoe wall now…Notice that there are about 10 boxes of new shoes that I have no space for on my shoe wall! I think I need to do some purging and donate or sell shoes I don’t really wear anymore!

Ok, back to my topic.. here is my list of the 5 groups of shoes that all girls need in their wardrobe:

1. Heels and Pumps:

We all need some killer heels in our wardrobe, in a variety of colors. Below is a pair of Red Balmain heels that I was able to get at a phenomenal price at Nordstrom. The heel height is only about 2 inches, so they are easy to walk in and very comfortable as well.

Next is a favorite pair of everyday heels that I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They are by Sam Edelman and I find them to be very comfortable and true to size. They also have a little bit of added ‘edge’ to them with the studs around the sides. I loved these so much that I also got the nude pair when they finally went on sale again. We all need reliable pairs of black and nude heels that are comfortable and can be worn all day. I probably wear these heels the most, as they are the most versatile. These Sam Edelman Heels are on sale right now for about $55 at Nordstrom! I highly recommend!👠👠

And here is another pair of Electric Blue Stud Heels by Sam Edelman as well. His shoes just seem to fit my feet very well. These are certainly edgy, and they also come in black if you like this style but don’t want to go with this bold color.

2. Boots and Booties:

Boots and Booties are probably my favorite type of shoe to purchase and talk about! I love them! I just bought the Valentino Suede ‘Rockstud’ Bootie and they are fabulous. The heel height isn’t too high and they are pretty comfortable too. I would definitely size up if it says to though. I usually wear an 8 or 8.5, and I had to size up to a 9 in these. These are super sexy, yet still classy, and still have that edge that I like with the studs. Save your money for these. They are a great investment!

Below is a pair of Red Boots that I got quite some time ago at DSW. They were a great price, and every girl needs a pair of Red Boots. I also got the Silver Shimmer Pair shown below as well. I just can’t say no to anything that sparkles!

And then a pair or 2 of Black Boots are also a necessity in every girl’s shoe closet. The pair below is AS 98, which I purchased at a FreeBird Store for 70% off! There are some great deals out there on great boots….You just have to do some research and look. Luckily, I work at Nordstrom, so I get to see all the new styles coming in…

I did just splurge a bit on these Prada Combat Boots below, which I just received in the mail! I’ve wanted a cool pair of combat boots for about a year and a half now and just haven’t been able to find that ‘perfect pair’. I think these are just the pair I’ve been looking for though! I’m hoping I picked the right size because they are exactly what I’ve been wanting… They are stunning and the leather is amazing!

3. Sneakers:

We all need to have a good pair of ‘Fun’ Sneakers, such as Gucci’s or the P448’s below. I have both of these and they can be dressed up or down and make a simple outfit look a little more fun!

And for those of us that workout and/or run, a good Workout Sneaker is a must! I personally like Nike, Adidas, or ASICS for working out and running. But try lots of pairs and even consider getting inserts if you have a high arch and need some extra support. When I was training for my first half-marathon, those were a life-saver, especially during the race!

I included a fave pair of my Under Armor Sneakers as well. I like them because they have fun vibrant colors, and while I’ve found they aren’t great for running long distances for ME, they might work for you. I wear these to my HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training), and they are perfect!

4. Sandals and Flats:

I think I probably wear flip-flops most of the Summer when I’m not working. They are easy to just slide on and go. I picked these Reefs to showcase because these were the flip-flops of choice when I was living in Florida. I was a Swimmer for 10 years, and we ALL wore Reefs! I don’t know if that was just a ‘Swimmer thing’ or a ‘Florida thing’, but either way, they worked, and I still wear them to this day. Although my dog ate my last pair (she’s 5 now and hasn’t done that in forever — I thought those days were over! Anyways, Havaianas also has some good flip-flops and sandals too.

These Caslon Black Heeled Mules are also great for Summer and are a lot more dressy than your flip-flops. These come in multiple colors and are easy to slip on and go and still look nice. You can also wear these with just about anything in the Summertime and into Fall. They look great with a sundresses, shorts, jeans, etc. I’ve had some major trouble trying to find a pair of mules that will stay on my feet! I think I’ve now purchased about 8 pairs and they’ve all had to be returned because I just can’t seem to walk without them slipping off. This Caslon pair below is the closest I’ve come to finding the right fit and style I like. These may just be a keeper!!

5. Winter Boots:

For those of us that have a cold Winter (sorry, Florida Friends), we all need a good pair of waterproof boots with good traction so we don’t face plant it when walking our dogs on a cold, snowy day. UGG makes a few good styles that are great for Winter weather. I grew up in Florida, so I never needed anything like this until I moved to Colorado. I learned the hard way that your Classic Ugg (below) will just not cut it.

But, with that said, I still love having my Classic Ugg Boots (comes in many different heights and colors). They are warm on the inside and comfortable for everyday cold weather (when their isn’t a ton of snow or ice on the ground!).

Below is one more picture of my Shoe Wishlist (not that I have anywhere to put any more shoes!). I can probably figure something out though…😉

I hope you enjoyed my post about shoes! I definitely enjoyed writing about them, as they are a favorite subject of mine. If any of you want to know where to find any of the shoes I discussed, or that I have pictured, please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to find them for you.
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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