What to do When Life Gets Boring and Too Routine

What to do When Life Gets Boring and Too Routine

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Good morning, everyone! Happy Monday! I know, I know, Monday – blah, blah, blah… I think that for most of the human race, Monday means back to work, back to school, back to the diet, back to working out, and possibly a bit hungover after weekend partying,… basically, back to reality! Does even one of these sound right? Most of us are wired to think that all of theses things are negatives (well, I think we can all agree that being hungover really IS a negative). I’m certainly guilty of it too. Monday comes around and we get depressed and then work hard all week long, all the while looking forward to the weekend, and sometimes forgetting to stay in the moment and just enjoy where we are right now. But how do we do that?! How do we stay in the moment and enjoy each day, when we don’t really enjoy each day?

1. It’s OK to NOT Enjoy Each Day!

Sometimes I feel that if I don’t have the best day, or the best moment, or something happens that brings me down, or nothing happens and I’m just feeling down for no real reason, I need to change that feeling or circumstance! Of course, there are certain things we can change, but it’s also OK to NOT have a great day! It’s OK to feel a bit down one day. It’s not a reason to rethink our whole lives and figure out what’s wrong, and why, and how I can be happy RIGHT NOW! We are a society of ‘RIGHT NOW’… immediate gratification. “I want to feel good NOW!” The fact is, we all have bad moments and bad days, but they are fleeting and will pass. I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I do have some experience with this issue. I’ve always been a ‘Right Now’ kind of person. I wang to feel better NOW. But I’m trying to rewire my brain to know that these bad moments aren’t really so bad, embrace the feeling, know that it will pass, and move on without changing my whole life because of a bad day.

2. Make Necessary Changes in Your Life

In some cases, I think maybe changes do need to made in our lives. For example, if we are consistently miserable with our life, then maybe it’s time to rethink some things. Make a list: What do you enjoy about your life? What do you hate in your life? Are any of the ‘hates’ things that can be changed? Are any of your ‘likes’ things that can be done more of? Is a job or career change necessary? Maybe we’ve been thinking about going back to school? Maybe we’ve been thinking about partying less on the weekends so the hungover Monday’s go away? Those are things that can be changed if we are consistently unhappy. But if we are just having moments of unhappiness or sadness, then that’s ok too. Those feelings do go away without making a major life change!

3. Embrace Your Feelings…

Embrace the bad, the good, and the ugly. All those feelings will pass. Unfortunately, even the good ones’. And I’m one to want to make a ‘location’ change every time I feel something negative for long periods of time. Irrationally, I’ve always thought that if I move, things will get better, and in my past, I’ve moved countless times in the hope that “things will be better if I move”. But our problems follow us wherever we go. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way with countless moves. And let me tell you, it definitely didn’t help. If anything, it made my life worse..No more moving for me unless it’s for the right reasons.

4. When Life Gets Boring….

Do something different. Change your routine. Make plans for the weekend or when you have a day or 2 off of work. Go do something you’ve wanted to do for a while – start a new workout with a friend, make consistent plans with friends, go hiking or walking, go on a weekend get-away occasionally…. do SOMETHING different!! Find a passion, and DO it! Make time for yourself. Take care of yourself – mentally and physically. And switch things up a bit too. If you run outside, find some new running routes. For example, I live in Colorado and there are a ton of great outdoor activities to do year round. I’ve always wanted to hike a 14ner ((14,000 foot mountain). This will get me outside in nature, and the rewarding views from the top are supposed to be incredible! What better way to boost my endorphins than with demanding physical activity with beautiful views (and bragging rights😉), when I reach the top!

5. Go the Distance and Make Goals…

Whatever it is that you decide to do, do it with with all of your HEART & SOUL! No ‘half-assing’ anything! Take on a project… something that you normally wouldn’t do. And do it with vigor and excitement, even if you have to fake it at first. Like they say, “Fake it ’till you make it”.
My plan is to take my own advice. I’m going to plan better, make more time for myself (mentally and physically). And I know I can’t rewire my brain overnight, so that will be a constant work in progress that I’ll have to work hard at. But I’m willing to do it! We only live once. This is our only life, and I personally don’t want to have regrets. I’m going to live my life with purpose and grace, follow my dreams, work hard, and know that every day won’t be perfect. But it’s the journey that I’ll remember more than the destinations. I’m going to LIVE my life! And you can LIVE your life too!

I hope this lil short Monday Inspirational Post will help someone out there! Good luck to you all! If this post helped any of you, please comment and let me know. We need to inspire each other! Now, I need to take my own advice… thanks for reading!
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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