My Work ‘Uniforms’

My Work ‘Uniforms’

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I wanted to share one of the joys I have with my job in the Fashion World. Since I work at Nordstrom as a Stylist/Sales Associate, I have the opportunity to be around beautiful clothes all day long (yeah, I know… good for my style, not so good for my paycheck😉). But that’s a whole other story. One would think that working at a high end department store like Nordstrom would require a certain ‘look’ or ‘clothing requirement’, but it’s actually quite the opposite! They give us great liberty in our clothing and style choices and want us to express ourselves with our clothing and personal style. They also don’t discriminate against tattoos or piercings, etc. (within reason, of course). When I first started working there, I asked my new manager if there were any dress requirements or any ‘no’s’ as far as what I could NOT wear to work. She explained that Nordstrom was pretty lenient, but to use good judgment. So of course, I took that and ran! I didn’t have to dress a certain way or wear anything I wouldn’t normally wear! I could pretty much wear whatever I wanted, aside from pants with holes in the butt or crop tops or skirts that were WAY too short, which I wouldn’t wear to work anyways, or anywhere else for that matter. I have an EDGY style, not a SLUTTY style 🙀!
Since working at Nordstrom for almost 2 years now, I’ve really ‘come into my own’ as far as my style goes. I know who I am and what I like to wear, what I feel good in, and I’ve developed a personal style like none other. So many of my Associates know my style so well, that they will bring me certain items from their own departments and just plop them in front of me and walk away, which I know just means that they think I would like that piece and/or it’s totally my style. I always say I have an ‘Edgy Style’, but I think I really have a ‘Classy Style with an Edge’. I love to dress up designer denim with a cool blazer and heels, and add some YSL or Alexander McQueen jewelry to give my outfit that extra something special. Yesterday I showed my manager a dress by Gal Meets Glam that I thought was pretty, but maybe a bit too ‘sweet’ for me, and asked her if she liked the dress for me. She said she loved the dress, but if it was going to be for me, she said I’d need to add something edgy to make it a little more ‘me’… totally made sense!
Here are some of my favorite outfits I’ve gotten to wear to work:
Veronica Beard Blazer

Alexander McQueen Neck Scarf and Double Ring

Alexander Wang Denim jacket, Alexander McQueen neck scarf, Red True Religion Jeans, simple Black Top, Black Gucci Belt, and A.S.98 Black Boots

White Mural Blazer, Halogen Mock Neck Burgundy Tank, and Sam Edelman Black Heels

Tularoosa Blazer and True Religion Jeans

Gucci ‘Vintage’ Sneakers

DVF Black Blouse & L’Agence Jeans

DVF Yellow Shimmer Blouse with L’Agence Jeans

I purchased the collection below by Rachel Zoe, but have yet to wear them to work. I may need to get an some alterations first before wearing these beauties!

I also purchased the items below by Derek Lam, Bailey 44, and David Lerner. I wore the David Lerner black striped leggings so far, but the other items I’d like to wear when the weather gets a little cooler. We are still in an unusually hot Summer here in Denver ( up to 100 degrees – STILL!).

Vince Camuto Blazer, Halogen White Top, Balmain red heels, Gucci Belt, and Gold Snake Necklace

Mural Black Blazer, Gray Ribbed Dress, and my new favorite heels by Sam Edelman (Also got the nude after they went on sale!)

Alexander Wang Denim Jacket over Gray Ribbed Dress

Red Bodysuit, Frame Jeans, Gucci belt, and Silver Snake Long Necklace

Black TopShop Bodysuit, AG Jeans, and Red Leith Sock Booties


Ted Baker Dress

Leopard print top and True Religion Jeans

And my latest obsession is this Marc Jacobs Denim Mickey Jacket, which I can’t stop thinking about. I’m not a huge Mickey fan, but the jacket is so cool, unique, and edgy, that I may end up just going for it!

OK, that was just a small feature on some of my fave outfits that I wear to work, with this last pic being something I’d really like to get. We’ll see if the budget can handle this….
I’m always taking pictures of inventory that arrives at work. I’ll post more later, and continue to post my work outfits as well.
Thanks for reading, my friends!
Stay tuned for more stylish outfits!
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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