Pre-Photo Shoot — ‘Glam Meets Grunge’

Pre-Photo Shoot — ‘Glam Meets Grunge’

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I am doing a very cool photo shoot soon (Thursday Oct. 4th!) that basically will showcase myself wearing some of my Designer Clothing. I’ve had this vision for quite some time now… It’s basically a ‘Glam Meets Grunge’ photo shoot (will elaborate shortly), and I am finally doing it! The vision I had was to showcase some of my Designer Items in an Industrial area of downtown Denver with old dilapidated buildings, dirt roads, and train tracks in the background. The photographer found just what I had envisioned and is actually excited to do this shoot, and I think, impressed with my vision!
Below are some features of the outfits I put together for the shoot. My next post will be the finished product and the best pics! I am pretty excited and nervous, although I feel a bit better now that I have my outfits…

In this first picture below, I’ll be wearing both dresses with my Prada Combat Boots. I probably won’t wear jewelry in these, as the dresses and boots pretty much speak for themselves and I don’t want to take away from the focus on them.

In this picture below, I’ll be wearing the White Sequin Dress the Population Dress and walking barefoot with train tracks in the background and holding my Sam Edelman heels. I’ll wear some minimal Alexander McQueen Jewelry and possibly a pair of the sunglasses shown below.

This outfit below will be worn as such: Smythe Blazer with the Black Free People Bodysuit, Gold Snake Necklace, and Calvin Klein Black Leather Knee High Boots – And that’s it! I want to show off the blazer, because it is exquisite, so I’m basically just wearing that. I’m wearing the Bodysuit just to make sure my lower half is covered! I’m not trying to show it all, ya know?! I think that this will look very cool though!

My final outfit will be the Red RtA Leather Pants with my Black Gucci Belt, Alexander McQueen Neck Scarf, probably a sheer Black Bodysuit with either a plain Black Bra or Black Bralette. I included the Valentino Heels that I MAY wear, but I also may just pair with some plain Black Heels to keep it simple.

Here is what I have envisioned for the location. This is the ‘Grunge’ part of my shoot! I don’t know exactly what it looks like yet, but the photographer told me there were train tracks and an old warehouse, which is perfect! Also, combining high-end Designer Items like DVF, Prada, RtA, etc., above is just the juxtaposition I was looking for!

My outfits that I have picked are tentative and may change slightly prior to the shoot, so make sure to check back for the finished product..

Wish me luck on this photo shoot. I have to go get everything put together and practice what Tyra Banks calls “Smizing“, which is smiling with your eyes. And so far I’m not too good at that. I either smile, or I just look mean when I try to smile with my eyes! I did some modeling when I was much younger, but it was mostly Runway Modeling because I was tall and had a good walk, and usually you don’t have to smile much in runway shows, depending on what the designer wants you to do. But photos are much different, and this isn’t really a shoot I can be having a big smile on my face the whole time – that doesn’t really go with the theme. So I’ll be practicing my ‘smizing’ in the mirror up until the shoot lol. Hopefully I can master it! If any professional models out there have any advice on this, please feel free to leave a comment! I’d love any feedback..💕

Thanks again for reading, as always, and stay tuned for the final professional pictures when the shoot is done!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 


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