Life is Short – BUY THE SHOES (and GO FOR IT!)

Life is Short – BUY THE SHOES (and GO FOR IT!)

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LIFE IS SHORT! I’ve learned that as I’ve gotten older, time continues to go by faster and faster. I remember being in high school and college, and thinking that I couldn’t wait for the next chapter of my life to begin. Looking back, I wish I would have enjoyed each moment a little more. And because we live on this earth for such a short time, BUY THE SHOES or THAT FANCY DRESS YOUVE BEEN EYEING! But also, RUN THAT MARATHON, HIKE THAT MOUNTAIN, TAKE THAT TRIP, MAKE THAT MOVE, CHANGE YOUR CAREER, GO BACK TO SCHOOL, MAKE AMENDS AND MAKE ‘WRONGS’ INTO ‘RIGHTS’, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, BE KIND AND GENEROUS, HELP OTHERS, DON’T SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE….Before it’s all too late!

So many things in my life have changed in the past 10 years, as am sure is true for most of us. We get older, and priorities change.. careers change, friends change… we begin to learn what’s really important in our lives.
The biggest change for me has been my career. And although I’m now working in the Fashion Industry, I still know that I can’t take my clothes with me in the end. But I can enjoy them now.

Additionally, I don’t want to have regrets about my career. I don’t want to miss out on a promotion because I’m afraid of change or I am comfortable where I am. “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere we don’t belong”. We need to go for it! And that promotion could provide the extra money to go do those things I’ve always wanted to do. We need to enjoy all the little things in life that we used to take for granted – time spent with family and friends, learning who true friends really are, making new friends, trying new things, taking GOOD risks and chances, making the most of everyday, doing things you’ve always wanted to do…I believe that discovering who I am is a lifelong process. Just like the quote below, “Now is the time to start living the life you always imagined”.

We never know how much time we have.. We think we have all the time in the world to do the things we want to do – Fix relationships, take a trip, go skydiving, fall in love, get married, have a child, go for that promotion, check off everything on your bucket list – whatever the case may be. But morbidly enough, we could get hit by a bus tomorrow, or God forbid, get diagnosed with an incurable illness, or lose a close family member. So like the quote below says, “One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW”. Yes! Do it now! Don’t waste time with trivial matters!

Like I’ve said numerous times, I made this Career Change later in life, so I’m not wasting any time in it. I’m going to take control and go for that promotion (that just came up!). I’m doing it it NOW! And whatever your particular dream is, GO FOR IT!

In conclusion, back to my original statement – BUY THE SHOES (or whatever does it for you!).

I hope you enjoyed my post and got something out of it..specifically, GO FOR IT!

Thanks for reading my friends..

xoxo Jess – Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹

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