Fashion Career ‘Breakdowns’

Hello, my Dear Fashion Readers!

For those of us that work in Fashion, or any job for that matter, we can experience being burnt out or just tired or bored with what we are doing. I, myself, have experienced these feelings quite a few times. I need to constantly be challenged, and if I’m not challenged, I tend to get bored and restless. And I don’t typically ask for much time off, but when I’ve experienced these strong feelings of being burnt out or bored, I’ve realized I need to take some time off and get rejuvenated. Sometimes it is NECESSARY to take time off to take care of YOU!

Taking care of yourself first is so important! How can you expect to perform at your best and be the best version of you when you aren’t taking care of yourself?! You can’t, plain and simple. And we all have different needs, so we all have different ways that we take care of ourselves. Some people just need to relax at home and rejuvenate… Some people take a vacation…. Some like to workout and be outdoors enjoying whatever they like to do – Hikes, workouts, walking your dog, etc…. Some like to read or take on a project, and the list goes on and on. There are so many ways to take care of yourself and get that pep back in your step!

I know from my own personal experience that I’ve held off on taking the time needed to get myself back up and running full speed because we were short-staffed, or it just wasn’t a good time financially, or I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. But that has just lead to either getting myself sick because I’m over-working myself, or getting bitter, or getting just plain tired and burnt out. I recently was forced to take some much needed time for myself so I could come back as ‘myself’. I hadn’t taken any time off in a long time, and I was feeling very tired and basically making myself miserable because I refused to take that necessary time to care for myself. Once I finally did take time off, I was so tired that I had to pretty much do absolutely nothing for the first few days. After that, I started to get some energy back and was able to catch up on some much needed chores, errands, etc. And then, believe it or not, I actually did some fun things too! What a concept, right?! So don’t be afraid to tell your boss (or yourself), that you need to take time to take care of yourself.

I hope my short post helps someone who goes through what I go through from time to time. It’s ok to take a little time off. I have to keep reminding myself of this, so this post helped me too. I hope it helps you as well..

Thanks for reading, my friends!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

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