My Fashion Career Job Change

The time has come to move up in my Fashion Career! I’ve been at Nordstrom for about 2 and 1/2 years, and while it was a great learning experience, I felt it was time for bigger and better. I’ve recently taken a position at Dillard’s in Women’s Shoes! I’m sad to be leaving Nordstrom, mostly because of my co-workers, but if I don’t at least go for this job, I know I’ll regret it forever.

This was a hard decision to make because I love Nordstrom, but I felt the opportunity to move up was getting slimmer and slimmer due to some major management changes as of late. I am, however, leaving on very good terms in case something opens up again at Nordstrom that could be perfect for me. In the meantime, it’s time to spread my wings and see what I can accomplish!

I’m feeling excited, yet a bit fearful and sad as well. I think that’s supposed to mean I’m making the right decision! The things I’m most sad about are leaving the comfort and familiarity of my current position, and leaving the friends I’ve made. So I know those aren’t reasons to NOT take the new position! I can still see my friends, just not in the same capacity. But I hope we don’t drift apart as that can so easily happen when efforts aren’t made to remain close. This could even make us better friends since we do have to make more of an effort to get together.

But back to the actual job change! I’m excited for this new opportunity to grow in my field and prove myself to be as good as I see myself lol! The hiring manager has already seen potential in me and says he sees great things from me in the near future. So game face is on, and I’m ready to work hard and show them what I’m capable of!

Wish me luck!

xoxo Jess from Style by J Rose 🌹


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