Why I Switched to Shopify (and why you should too)!

Just about every true Fashionista has thought at one time or another, “I could sell this!” Well, I’ve been thinking this exact same thing for quite some time now. I’ve been selling off and on with Poshmark for years. Poshmark is super user friendly and only takes a minute to list your items for sale. You also have access to free marketing, essentially, with item shares and re-shares by other Poshers. You also get followers of your closet by other Poshers who like what you’ve got listed. But then you also give 20% of each Sale right back to Poshmark. 

But I wanted to take my store to the next level and get engaged with other successful selling platforms. I did a ton of research and found that Shopify was best for my needs. Now I’m still learning about all that Shopify has to offer, but I have found out these important facts.

• Shopify is also very user friendly

• They offer a free 14 day trial; After that, it’s VERY affordable

• Shopify allows you to easily connect to other selling platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, to name just a few.

• Shopify gives you direct access to marketing tools (which I’m still learning about!)

• Shopify makes shipping hassle free

• Shopify lets you post your Blog right to your sales site!

•Shopify has different themes to choose from that fit your specific business and makes your site look beautiful 

• Shopify has a ton of free tools on how to make your business a success

• Shopify also gives you specific data on your site traffic and sales, even in a ‘live view’ dashboard

I’m still learning and playing with all that Shopify has to offer. I think I learn something new everyday, which has given way to new ideas of my own on how to make my business a success! 

So far, I’m extremely happy with Shopify and all it has to offer. Hopefully soon I’ll be a pro and can write another Blog Post on my successful business! 

Hopefully this information is helpful for anyone else wanting to give Shopify a try. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

xoxo Jess from Style by J Rose


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