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So, you get this brilliant idea, right?! And it really is brilliant! It’s going to be your way out of the grueling full-time job and give you freedom and allow you to be on your OWN schedule! You’ll bring in 3 times the money you brought in with your ‘real’ job! You are going to be an Entrepreneur! And of course it will be in Fashion, because that is still your passion. Selling clothing, picking out a business name, getting a domain name, getting your website looking fabulous, blogging (duh), newsletters to all your new clients, and of course all of the amazing clothing that will sell out in no time! it all actually sounds like a lot of fun. And it can be (parts of it), but starting your own business is hard work! It’s certainly not the fantasy I had in my head! 


I read an article that summed up nicely the steps and trends necessary to identify in becoming an Entrepreneur:

”To better understand the role of trends, I’ve put together what we refer to as the Six Forces. You’ll find at least one, if not more, of these forces playing a key role in your startup. What do those forces look like?

No. 1: An anywhere liquid workforce. You probably know this from personal experience. Where and how we work is changing. Do you understand this trend well enough to make the most of it in your new organization?

No. 2: A new work order – connected, collaborative, creative. I’ve written previously about the idea of a portfolio career, or the idea we’ll no longer work for the same company for 25 years. Instead, people will be looking for companies that fit them best at different moments.

No. 3: The connected and engaged customer. Between Yelp, Facebook, and Google, people are more than happy to tell us what they think. Startups that understand this interest, this desire to bond, will flourish with customers who are invested equally in their success.

No. 4: The era of the maker. Who needs a factory when you’ve got a 3-D printer? Prototypes, even actual products, may be readily available in small batches. A process that used to take weeks, or even months, can now happen in a matter of days because your startup has access to tools that make “making” easier.

No. 5: The sharing economy. I still love a really nice hotel, but it’s clear that businesses like AirBNB are here to stay. Why own if you can borrow what you need for the moment? Could your startup find a place to call home in this growing trend?

No. 6: The new creative economy. That side project you’ve kept at for a few years may have more potential than you realized. Outlets for creative entrepreneurs will continue to open and expand in the coming years. While we’ve identified these trends at a macro level, you may know of some different trends within your industry of choice. Do you have an opening you can exploit? Do you see a trend that changes how people do business in your field? Go for it!”

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I put the picture up of NYC at the top because it’s always been a dream of mine to live and work in Fashion in the greatest city in the world! I don’t know that I’d want to live there forever, but 2-3 years maybe?! I haven’t given up on that dream just yet! I am still NYC bound! I have pictures of NYC all over the place in my room and basement to remind me of my goal.

But back to starting a business from scratch. I’ve recently done that (hence the blog post), and it started out as super exciting and I was running the printer dry with all of the research I was doing and the binders I was making (Oh, so much fun!). Who doesn’t love a few great binders full of your own ideas and research?! I sure do! And then of course you have to include your favorite motivational quotes in there to really get you going.. But when all is said and well, half done (if that), I’m not bringing in the dough like I thought I would by now. I’ve been just dabbling with the idea for years and have played around with Poshmark as my main selling platform. But then I found another one, and the creative juices got flowing again! I basically started over, to say the least. The picture below pretty much sums it up! I’m learning this is a work in progress and it’s going to take time, but if I really want it, I’ll find a way to make it happen!

But, with all that said, if you really have a passion for something and believe it can be translated into a successful business, then I say stop everything, and Go. For. It!

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