Hello, Fashion Enthusiasts! My name is Jess Rose and I am the main Author of Fashion & Style by J Rose. I am a 30-something living in Denver, CO. I Work, Live, and Love Fashion. I currently work at Nordstrom as a Stylist and I love helping my clients find themselves through their own personal style. I, myself, have an ever-changing, edgy style. I like to push the limits with my style! This has truly helped me to discover who I am, not in just fashion, but on all areas of my life. I used to to avoid wearing certain items because either, I didn’t think it was “me”, or I didn’t think I could pull off a certain outfit. Well, no more of that! If I like it, I wear it! I don’t have a creative bone in my body except when it comes to Fashion & Style! Now I express my creative side with my style. Follow me for the latest in Fashion and Style Inspiration. My ultimate career goal is to end up in NYC in the next 5 years and possibly get a Masters Degree in the Business of Fashion. Follow me and my journey in this crazy, fascinating Fashion World! 😘

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L’Agence Fashion Spotlight

Good morning my fellow Fashionistas and Trendsetters! How are you all on this fine Tuesday morning? It is a dreary, cold morning here in Denver, but somehow I find this comforting. For my next few posts, I want to share…

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