The time has come to move up in my Fashion Career! I’ve been at Nordstrom for about 2 and 1/2 years, and while it was a great learning experience, I felt it was time for bigger and better. I’ve recently taken a position at Dillard’s in Women’s Shoes! I’m sad to be leaving Nordstrom, mostly because of my co-workers, but if I don’t at least go for this job, I know I’ll regret it forever.

This was a hard decision to make because I love Nordstrom, but I felt the opportunity to move up was getting slimmer and slimmer due to some major management changes as of late. I am, however, leaving on very good terms in case something opens up again at Nordstrom that could be perfect for me. In the meantime, it’s time to spread my wings and see what I can accomplish!

I’m feeling excited, yet a bit fearful and sad as well. I think that’s supposed to mean I’m making the right decision! The things I’m most sad about are leaving the comfort and familiarity of my current position, and leaving the friends I’ve made. So I know those aren’t reasons to NOT take the new position! I can still see my friends, just not in the same capacity. But I hope we don’t drift apart as that can so easily happen when efforts aren’t made to remain close. This could even make us better friends since we do have to make more of an effort to get together.

But back to the actual job change! I’m excited for this new opportunity to grow in my field and prove myself to be as good as I see myself lol! The hiring manager has already seen potential in me and says he sees great things from me in the near future. So game face is on, and I’m ready to work hard and show them what I’m capable of!

Wish me luck!

xoxo Jess from Style by J Rose 🌹


I wanted to write a short piece on some upcoming trends for Spring and Summer. The trends gracing the Runways this Winter for Spring and Summer were bold and to be honest, a little out there! I’ve included a lot of pictures, ranging from bold neon colors, to animal prints (Yes, still in!), to crop tops, Camo (yep!), bralettes, bodysuits (they’re everywhere!), and combinations of all the above, plus much more!

Now personally, I would rock every single item I’ve pictured here, but I realize I’m a rare gem out there who will go bold or go home. I’m known at work and in my personal life for just that!

This picture below with the wet-look neon pants – I would find a way to rock these babies! But, you don’t have to wear these crazy outfits (Crazy Stylish, in my opinion!) this Spring and Summer to still look stylish and on trend!

You can always go a little less bold, if you will. Pair either one of these TopShop crop jackets with just about anything. Stylish yet not too bold either. The jackets below can be found at NORDSTROM . I’ve tried them both on and they are both really cute!

I found these super cute Newsprint Leggings that will look great with a variety of tops! Black obviously, but I was thinking red, blue, orange, etc., with a denim or leather jacket over with black heels or open toed booties! These can be found on my site – Stylebyjrose .

Metallics are also very in this season. Although this dress can be worn in Winter or Fall, it’s being sold right now on my own site.

Animal prints and camo are still just as popular as they were when they first came out. The animal print trend has really taken off this season with snake prints, leopard prints, and more. This adorable tank is one example of the snake print trend, and below that, the camo Bodysuit is another example of pairing two trends together – camo and bodysuits. I, myself, have recently jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon and just acquired about 5 new ones, including the camo Bodysuit below. I also sell the 2 styles below and above on my own Poshmark site – Stylebyjrose .

And lets not forget about footwear! Sandals are huge this year, and I don’t mean just flip flops. We can always accept flip flops as one of the sandals of choice for Summer. I mean real Sandals! – wedges and slides and mules of all shapes and colors!

Below is a couple of pairs from my own site on Poshmark, which I hope to take to the next level one day! Check out this assortment of sandals from my shop online on Poshmark – Stylebyjrose

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short piece on just a few of this Spring and Summers’ styles. I’m must say that I think I’m most excited about the sandals. They are so unique and so comfortable and on trend for the season! And not your ordinary piece that is seasonally popular!

xoxo Jess – Fashion & Style by J Rose


Not sure what’s going on with me this year, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get into the Christmas Spirit! I have the house decorated, the lights are up, I work at Nordstrom with Christmas music playing all day (maybe that’s the problem, lol), and I LOVE Christmas! But this year seems different. There’s no snow on the ground and we haven’t had snow for a awhile. But that shouldn’t bother me too much considering I’m from Florida and am used to 80 degree Christmas Day’s… No, there’s something else… If I could put my finger on it, maybe I could fix it. Or maybe I just need to get through it and accept my feelings and stay in the moment. But ‘the moment’ kind of stinks right now! So I do not accept that!
I won’t go on and on about the potential reasons for my Holiday Blues. I just hope it passes since Christmas is right around the corner and I’d really like to enjoy it. I have one more shopping day left before Christmas, and we all know I LOVE to shop, but that sounds terrible right now! I close tonight at Nordstrom and then have an early morning interview tomorrow (at a bigger Nordstrom in a different Department), so I won’t get much sleep tonight and need to find a way to be sharp at the interview. It’s a job I’ve been wanting for a while now. And from there, I need to finish my shopping on very little sleep. And then I work every day up until Christmas. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed and stressed!?
Usually I get the blues the day AFTER Christmas. This is the first time I’ve felt down before Christmas. I understand feeling down after Christmas, so it’s easier to accept that. You look forward to something all year, and then just like that… It’s over! And you start to think, “Now what? What do I look forward to now?” We are such a society of ‘right now’ and getting what we want, when we want it. Very few of us have the ability to just stay present and enjoy the ups and downs of each day. I know I have a problem with staying in the moment. I’ve tried to train my brain to do it, but so often I fall back into looking into the past or looking into the future and putting my expectations on an event. When those expectations aren’t met, I’m disappointed and sad. Ah, expectations! I learned a long time ago that having expectations was just setting myself up for disappointment. So why do I still do it? I’ve always done it, and I don’t think I’m alone in that, but to re-train your brain after so many years takes a lot of work, and I myself, have yet to find a quick cure. There isn’t a quick cure, because like I said, it takes WORK! And honestly, I’m not sure I know how to retrain my brain…(as I Google this exact subject to see if they have the answers lol)
I love this quote below. Just shows how most of us DON’T live in the moment.. This quote pretty much sums up having expectations as a whole: “Yeah, I have a boyfriend. I just haven’t met him yet. But he’s amazing and he always sends me flowers and candy and he lavishes me with jewelry and anything I want. Plus he’s a model, so he’s very handsome! He’s just perfect! But so am I, so it only makes sense that these 2 perfect human beings are together!”…..Said no one, EVER!
I think that this year I just need to accept that I’m a little overwhelmed and stressed (which doesn’t mean these feelings will last forever), and I believe it’s making me sad. Maybe when I get through tomorrow and the interview and shopping, things will start to look a little more ‘Christmasy’…. afterall, I’ll only have 4 working days until Christmas is here! And MAYBE, I can even make it a point to really try and work hard to stay focused on being present and staying in the moment! It will be a Christmas Miracle!
In spite of how I feel right now, I know all feelings (good and bad) will pass. So I’m confident that my ‘Christmas Blues’ will also pass, and maybe I’ll even learn something by going through this. In any event, I hope you all are in a better Christmas Spirit right now than I am, and I wish you all a very blessed holiday and Christmas! If anyone can relate though, I’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading, my friends!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose


Hello, my Dear Fashion Readers!

For those of us that work in Fashion, or any job for that matter, we can experience being burnt out or just tired or bored with what we are doing. I, myself, have experienced these feelings quite a few times. I need to constantly be challenged, and if I’m not challenged, I tend to get bored and restless. And I don’t typically ask for much time off, but when I’ve experienced these strong feelings of being burnt out or bored, I’ve realized I need to take some time off and get rejuvenated. Sometimes it is NECESSARY to take time off to take care of YOU!

Taking care of yourself first is so important! How can you expect to perform at your best and be the best version of you when you aren’t taking care of yourself?! You can’t, plain and simple. And we all have different needs, so we all have different ways that we take care of ourselves. Some people just need to relax at home and rejuvenate… Some people take a vacation…. Some like to workout and be outdoors enjoying whatever they like to do – Hikes, workouts, walking your dog, etc…. Some like to read or take on a project, and the list goes on and on. There are so many ways to take care of yourself and get that pep back in your step!

I know from my own personal experience that I’ve held off on taking the time needed to get myself back up and running full speed because we were short-staffed, or it just wasn’t a good time financially, or I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. But that has just lead to either getting myself sick because I’m over-working myself, or getting bitter, or getting just plain tired and burnt out. I recently was forced to take some much needed time for myself so I could come back as ‘myself’. I hadn’t taken any time off in a long time, and I was feeling very tired and basically making myself miserable because I refused to take that necessary time to care for myself. Once I finally did take time off, I was so tired that I had to pretty much do absolutely nothing for the first few days. After that, I started to get some energy back and was able to catch up on some much needed chores, errands, etc. And then, believe it or not, I actually did some fun things too! What a concept, right?! So don’t be afraid to tell your boss (or yourself), that you need to take time to take care of yourself.

I hope my short post helps someone who goes through what I go through from time to time. It’s ok to take a little time off. I have to keep reminding myself of this, so this post helped me too. I hope it helps you as well..

Thanks for reading, my friends!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

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Happy Saturday my friends! I hope this day finds you all well, with amazing plans for the weekend!

For my third and final Designer Spotlight, I of course, had to feature one of my favorite dress Designers – Dress the Population !

I learned of Dress the Population almost 2 years ago when I first started working at Nordstrom. I was immediately drawn to this Designer because of the vibrant colors, and of course, the sequins! Dress the Population has everything from long, flowy gowns, to jumpsuits, midi and mini sequin dresses, lace, and everything in between! They even carry some gorgeous wedding gowns online at Nordstrom and directly from Dress the Population’s site.

About Dress the Population:

In 2011, designer Franklin Morales founded Dress the Population with a simple idea – make beautiful clothing at an affordable price. The not-so-simple part was how to do it ethically. In today’s world, fast fashion rules and is mostly fueled by an exploited and underpaid workforce in the US and abroad. As an immigrant who had moved to the United States as a child with very little, he had to work twice as hard to make his vision become a reality. As the company began to grow, his priority was to help others with similar stories achieve the same ‘American Dream’ that he had. Because of this, design to manufacturing to shipment happens at our headquarters in Los Angeles with help from our diverse staff and our partner factories abroad.”

Below are some sets that I’ve created featuring some of my favorite items from Dress the Poplulation:

The pictures above are just a select few of the items I love from Dress the Population. Below are a few pictures of dresses I’ve tried on at the store and even some I’ve purchased!

I bought this sequined jumpsuit last year and have yet to wear it. But it fits like a glove and I do have a big birthday coming up in December! I might have to break it for that day! The sequins are reversible from ‘midnight’ to ‘red’! This is surely to turn some heads!

And here are some more great Dress the Population Dresses that I’ve come across during my work at Nordstrom:

One of my absolute favorite styles by Dress the Population is called the ‘Lola’ Sequin Mini Dress. I wore one of these styles in this deep turquoise sequin color to Denver Fashion Week. I seriously felt like a superstar! This style comes in many fabulous colors!

And just a couple more pictures of my most recent Dress the Population finds:

I hope you have enjoyed my Spotlight on Dress the Population! If you haven’t tried one of their Dresses or Jumpsuits, you must immediately! Speaking from experience, they are fabulous and so rich and glamorous! For more information on Dress the Population, go to their own site at Dress the Population , or you can also visit Nordstrom for more amazing styles. Now is a good time to buy with Nordstrom, specifically, as many styles are marked down or being ‘price-matched’….

Thank you so much for reading, my friends!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all soon!

xoxo Jess from Fashion and Style by J Rose

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