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    Getting Into the ‘Sparkle Spirit’
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    Year 39 in Review
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    Denver Fashion Week 2018

Finding Balance with My Fashion Career and My Life

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made a daring, late-in-life career change into the Fashion Industry. It was a bold move and certainly not one I regret. I just decided I didn’t want to work at a job that I wasn’t passionate about for the rest of my life. I’ve done well in a short time and am on the fast-track to bigger and better. But since then, I’ve struggled to find balance in my life. It’s more difficult to find time to do other things I love, like working out, hiking, skiing, playing with my dog, Scarlet, finding time to hang out with friends who have completely different lives…. I think you get the gist of this problem! And I don’t think it’s an uncommon problem for a lot of people in general, let alone for those of us who work (and live) fashion. We have crazy hours, work holidays, have days off during the week, etc.
My goal for the next 6 months is to find a solution to this problem, and quite possibly achieve that balance that I desperately need. I’m going to really need to work hard at this though, as I know it won’t be easy. These are the things I’m going to do to find MY BALANCE:
Whenever I’m invited somewhere, whether it be after work, or the day after I’ve worked 5 days in a row on my feet, I pretty much consistently say NO – because I just ‘know’ I’ll be tired, or I ‘need’ to get home..Whatever my reasons are, I have to make myself go do something fun! Socialize, have a drink, go see a movie, go to a party, out to dinner… so many things I’m missing out on because “I’m tired”, or I think I’ll be too tired. No more of that.. I mean, YES!

My excuse is that I don’t have time, or again, that I’m too tired. But in reality, if I just make a plan each week according to my schedule, and stick to it, I’ll have more energy and be happier. I need those endorphins in my life again! And quite frankly, I want bigger muscles so I look and feel better about myself. So YES, I’m going to workout! It will be hard at first to get back into it, but once I make it a habit and get into a routine, it will become 2nd nature.

I love to hike and ski, and living in Colorado, there are so many nice, sunny days and great outdoor activities that I should be participating in. Hiking a 14ner has always been a goal of mine. So I need to look at my schedule and find a good time to go since both activities pretty much take up a whole day, and if I need to request a day off in order to do it with a friend, then so be it.. no big deal, right? RIGHT!

This is something I’m sure we can all do better at, but for me, taking care of myself physically and mentally often takes a backseat to everything else going on in my life. I get so caught up in work sometimes that I’ll literally forget to eat or drink enough water.. that is not acceptable! I have got to make myself a priority. After all, how will I be able to continue to chase my dreams if I’m not healthy? I’m going to eat more, healthier food, and make myself drink plenty of fluids while at work especially. And no more excuses on this! It supposedly takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I know I can do anything for 21 days! I can bring food to work, even if it’s small snacking-type foods, like nuts or fruit. And I’ll continue to bring my water bottle to work that I put my dissolvable collagen/protein powder and Spark in, but I’ll actually drink it! And not just one bottle… I should need to refill it 2 or 3 times in an 8 hour shift, plus lots of fluids when I get home too.

Scarlet is my 5 year old American Bulldog and the absolute love of my life. And although this is difficult to think about, she won’t be around forever, and I’m not going to have regrets when she’s no longer with me. I need to walk her more, play with her more, and take her with me everywhere I can. She loves going anywhere, so if I’m going to be doing more hikes and outdoor activities, this is the perfect opportunity to take her with me. We’ve been through a lot together and I just adore her! I feel so guilty sometimes when I get home from work, and again, I’m ‘tired’…. she will greet me at the door with a toy or just a playful, happy tail wag, and I need to put my shoes on for 10 minutes as soon as I get home (or if I can, before work), and take her out for a walk or a quick romp in the backyard. And on my days off, instead of spending all my free time catching up on laundry and cleaning, I need to make her a priority first! Laundry and cleaning can always wait, but time with Scarlet is limited, so I need to make her more of a priority. She’s not just my dog.. she’s my child and my family.

I know this post was pretty much about me and how I can improve my life and find BALANCE, but maybe it will help someone else too. I sure hope so! I’ll write another post soon and let you know how my 5 plans are working out..
Thanks for reading, my friends!
Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


Styles You NEED to Look Fabulous this Fall & Winter

Fall is right around the corner, which in the Fashion Industry, this means Designers have already debuted their Fall and Winter Styles. They have already been seen on the Runways and are hitting stores as we speak! So while we are enjoying the Summer in Style in our bikinis, shorts, and crop tops from our favorite Designers, they were 2 steps ahead and already working on what we’d be wearing for Fall & Winter. This is also why Models are doing shoots in bikinis in 30 degree weather and Fur in 100 degree weather. In the Fashion World, the seasons are a bit reversed. I remember as a young girl going into Department Stores in the Summer, and wondering why Winter Coats were for sale. I thought, “no one is going to buy that now… it’s 100 degrees out!” But people do buy! I’ve learned that from working at Nordstrom. I’ve now worked 2 Nordstrom Anniversary Sales where a lot of Fall and Winter Merchandise comes in and is sold at 40% off during the sale, and people will wait all year for our Biggest Sale of the Year. And yes, new Fall/Winter Merchandise being sold at 40% off is obviously appealing, but even if it wasn’t, people would still buy. It’s been this way in the Fashion Industry for as long as I’ve ever known.
I’ve put together some styles from some of my favorite designers, including RtA Brand, Rachel Zoe, Cinq a Sept, Helmut Lang, Milly, Saint Laurent, Paige , Alice & Olivia , Norma Kamali, Alexander Wang, DVF, A.L.C., L’Academie, Veronica Beard, among others.
Gracing the Runways this season were bright colors (including lots of white!), blazers, denim jackets, and trenches, mini skirts and mini dresses, leather and velvet, bodysuits and jumpsuits, high-waisted flare leg pants with a twist 😉 (yes, the 70’s have returned), and also….. yes, sequins are big again this year. I know that not everyone is a sequin-lover like I am, but my favorite color is glitter, so to me, sequins are always a good idea!
For bright colors, check out Milly and Alice & Olivia – Milly has some amazing pieces, including a rainbow colored velvet mini skirt and rainbow colored blouses. You can’t get more colorful than that! And Alice & Olivia has some amazing leather pieces, as well as their signature colorful, whimsical pieces that made them famous. Also, Rachel Zoe has an amazing collection of tailored Blazers and Pant Sets in bold colors and fabrics, including a gorgeous all-white pant and blazer set in a cool and daring white stretch moire fabric.

The leg baring ‘side-slit’ is not a NEW trend since Joseph Altuzarra first introduced us to this phenomenon in his Fall debut in 2009. It quickly became known as the ‘Angelina Jolie leg’. But it seems to have taken a twist to now adding it to wide leg pants, in the front or on the side. Some include embellishments and others are just plain. Other designers like Jonathan Simkhai have taken it on, as well as many others. I plan on getting in on this trend. I’m loving the look so far! See pants below by Cinq a Sept and A.L.C. and velvet gown by by the way x REVOLVE. I paired the gown with some favorite items from my go-to designer, Yves Saint Laurent. You can never go wrong with YSL! I’m currently dying to get the new denim jacket with the Saint Laurent emblem on the back!

RtA Brand (‘Road to Awe’) was first launched in 2013 with the “purpose of creating a movement. A movement of like-minded individuals who share a belief that clothing should be a form of expression. RtA was born under the pretense that clothing should be effortless and chic. It is the Individual – the Rebel – who sets trends. RtA is a state of mind, and while the clothing evolves, their ideas are never deterred”. I showcased a whole page of signature RtA Leather Pants. Seriously ladies, you NEED a pair of the “leather ‘Prince’ Pants”. They are incredible! I already own the red and silver pants, and just put in my pre-order for the ‘Lithium’ color (top left of RtA page). I would also like to get the purple pair as well, but can’t find it yet in my size. A true Fashionista never gives up though! These pants are low rise and feel like butter. They are bold, and may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to brighten up your wardrobe and add some edge, then look no further than RtA Brand. I will be keeping a close eye on what they have in store for us in the future!

Finally, I’ll end with some thoughts on our forever-evolving sense of Style. My style is always changing and evolving, sometimes from day to day. And per RtA’s statement, our style is a form of self-expression. I always seem to add some kind of edgy element to my outfits, even to a very feminine outfit, whether it’s a bracelet and necklace by Alexander McQueen, a Gucci belt, or statement-making heels by Jeffrey Campbell. And this is ok for me, because I know who I am, and I know I can ‘pull off’ anything I want to. No more statements like “that really isn’t my style” or “I can’t pull that off”. You can ‘pull off’ anything you want to and MAKE anything YOUR style! We need more daring trend-setters out there. I’ll do my part… now you just do your part and wear styles that you’ve always liked, but felt like it wasn’t ‘you’. It IS you, because you are wearing it and rocking it!
Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for reading, my friends! I’ve included just a couple more pics below of styles I love! 😘

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recap

My Purchases:

I’ve compiled pictures below of some of the items I purchased from this year’s 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I decided that this year I would go for a lot of basics and items that I could get a lot of wear out of year long. Of course, I also purchased some things I just REALLY wanted (i.e. the Stuart Weitzman ‘Waverly’ Shimmer Sock Bootie), because, well…. I’m only human. I certainly didn’t NEED those, but c’mon, look how fantastic they are?!(Original price – $575; Anniversary price – $369.90). I’ve already received those, as well as the Leith ‘Finn’ Red Sock Booties, which also comes in black (Original price – $110; Anniversary price – $69.90). I’ve worn them both, and am very happy with both of those purchases – very comfortable, true to size, and oh so stylish! And I’ve gotten so many compliments on both pairs!
The J.Crew ‘Streets of NYC’ Tee was a must because I love NYC and this will look amazing alone with white jeans or a white blazer over it (Original price – $39.50; Anniversary price – $25.90).
I just received my Spanx Camo Leggings! They have a very cool sheen to them and I’ve always been a lover of Camo styles. I purchased the size Small according to the size chart and because I’ve never worn anything by Spanx. They pretty much fit just like your normal workout leggings and are very comfortable and stylish. I can wear them to workout, just lounge, or even possibly style them in a way that I can wear them out! (Original price – $110; Anniversary price – $72.90).
I just happened to stumble across the Calvin Klein Camo Underwear and Sports Bra Set, so I bought both pairs of underwear and the sports bra and I love them (Sports Bra original price – $28; Anniversary price – $17.90; Camo Underwear original price – $20; Anniversary price – $12.90)

This next picture below features my favorite camis ever! They are the Halogen Seamless Camisoles that come in many colors and are also reversible. I wear these camis pretty much every day underneath whatever I’m wearing, and they just make me feel a little more ‘sucked in’ and definitely more confident! Normally these are 2 for $49, but for the sale, they were 2 for $39! So I got my standard black and white (can’t ever have enough of those colors), and I also got the navy and light pink.
I did not end up purchasing the fabulous Stuart Weitzman ‘Lafayette’ Slouch Boot (comes in Mojave Suede below as well as Black Suede). They are fantastic and hopefully a lot of people did purchase them. I decided that since I already bought 3 pairs of shoes, I didn’t really NEED them. So, for once, I was being practical lol! (Original price – $775.00; Anniversary price – $489.90)

The Sam Edelman Black Stud Heel is fantastic! I received it a while ago and was worried that maybe I should have gotten the 8.5 instead of the 8. But I wore them for the first time the other day (at work for 9 hours on my feet, mind you), and I was I able to wear them comfortably that whole time! Very chic, comfortable, and 3″ heel, so not hard to walk in. It also comes in nude (wish I had gotten the nude now that I know how great they are!), and a cool print color. (Original price – $139.95; Anniversary price – 89.90).

The TopShop Duster was an impulse purchase at work. I saw a lot of my fellow friends and associates trying it on and buying it, so I of course, had to try it for myself. It looked a lot better on than I thought it would and it will look great over an all-black outfit to spice it up! (Original price – $110.00; Anniversary price – 69.90.)

I just received and tried on my 1.STATE ‘Sall’ Ankle Strap Open Toe Pump, and now I want the red pair too! They are pretty sexy shoes, and aside from needing a pedi, I thought they fit pretty well and were very comfortable. And the red pair isn’t a bright red, it’s a deep dark red color, which I like a lot better. Oh, decisions, decisions…..

This Vince Camuto Ruched Sleeve Stretch Blazer is fantastic! I was able to purchase this and so glad I did.. it’s so comfortable, can be dressed up or down, paired with a variety of tops, and fits so nicely (Original price – $129.00; Anniversary price – $85.90).
I also purchased the Halogen Basic Mock Neck Sleeveless Tops in red, ivory, and black. These are also great pieces and perfect for layering, and look great with the Vince Camuto Blazer! They are jersey material, light, fitted, and stretchy (Original price – $42.00; Anniversary price – $27.90). All items in the picture below are still available in select stores and online.

My Missed Out Items and Still Deciding Items:

These next 2 photos are items that I either missed out on (sold out), or haven’t decided on! I REALLY wanted the Chelsea28 Navy Corduroy Blazer (Original price – 99.00; Anniversary price – $65.90) and the Mural Drape Trench (Original price – $128; Anniversary price – $75.90). I missed out on those two items, as they both sold out quickly. And even though I am a Nordstrom Employee with a Nordstrom Credit Card (which you would think would get me first ‘dibs’), we are not allowed to purchase any Anniversary items until the sale opens to the public. So that is how I missed out on some of these fast-selling, popular items. I can’t complain though, because we do get a lot of other perks. The Mural Drape Jacket is back in stock though at its’ original price of $128!
The 1.STATE BOOTIES in all colors and styles are also on Anniversary, but I wasn’t CRAZY over any of them, so decided to pass on these. Plus, I think I’ve bought enough shoes to last me a while lol!

I love the 1901 Plaid Blazer and its a great price, but I may want to save for other items I want more in the future (Original price – $159.00; Anniversary price – $89.90). I’m also in love with the Ruby Red Theory Velvet Power Jacket, but my size is not available right now, and it still costs a lot, even at the Anniversary price, so I didn’t get that one, but I’m still going to my eye on it see if it goes on sale (Original price – $495.00; Anniversary price – 329.90). The Theory Off the Shoulder Blazer also looked very cool, but we didn’t have any in my store to try on, so I passed on that as well. But I did order both colors in the Spanx Pillow Cup Push Up Bras, and I love them! Read the reviews though and don’t size down on the band size or size up on the cup size. My normal size is a 32D, and they didn’t have a 30DD anyways, so I listened to all the reviewers and got my normal size and am very glad I did. Love these bras!

All in all, another great Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the books! See you at next years’ 2019 Sale!
xoxo Style by J Rose 🌹


BLAZERS – Fall’s Most Versatile Item

Blazers and Jackets of all styles, colors, and fabrics are all the rage this season. I, for one, have loved blazers for a long time and have been slowly adding blazers in all different styles to my collection. They can completely change an outfit from ‘blah’ to ‘oh, wow!’. I wear blazers with dresses, skirts, jeans.. you name it! Blazers are even being paired with graphic tees and jeans to bring an outfit up a notch. I have put together some collections of all different styles of blazers that I personally like to give some ideas of what is out there. (Picture above is a new Blazer by Veronica Beard)
My first set of pictures are designer blazers – Jonathan Simkhai, Akris Punto, Smythe, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Theory, Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, A.L.C., Alice & Olivia, Veronica Beard, Bailey 44, DVF, and Galvan. These blazers range in price from approximately $200 to over $3K. And while these can be quite pricey, a good quality blazer is an investment and can last a lifetime! I love Blazers so much, but for the Designer Blazers like these, I certainly can’t purchase all of the ones I want immediately. I have gotten a few over time, like the Mint Green/Blue Alice & Olivia Blazer and the black moire Smythe Blazer. I was able to purchase both on sale too. BUT… I am absolutely in love with the YSL Blazer in the dark teal velvet (2nd pic below), but that costs over $3K and I don’t think it’s going on sale any time soon. And in order to justify buying it, it would need to be at least 70% off lol!
These can all be found at Nordstrom, Saks, Forward, Revolve, and other designer sites and apps. A lot of them are also currently on sale as well!

These next set of blazers are also great blazers, but won’t break the bank. While I love all of the above designer blazers, it isn’t realistic (or wise), to spend thousands of dollars on these blazers, unless you are financially blessed to be able to do so.
These next photos are much more cost effective and equally as stylish. Designers include BCBGMAXAZRIA, Rachel Zoe, Tularosa, Norma Kamali, Current Elliot, Majorelle, LPA, House of Harlow, Michelle Mason, Norma Kamali, L’Acadamie, Halogen, Hinge, Mural, and Chelsea28. I personally own Blazers by Halogen, Mural, and Rachel Zoe, and I didn’t have to break the bank to buy them. Mind you, all of these things I say I’ve purchased have been over long periods of time, not overnight! You guys are probably thinking that I’m probably up to my ears in debt! Hey, but at least I look good – TOTALLY KIDDING! I promise I am not in debt lol!
Anyways, I purchased the simple and comfortable Mural Blazers in classic black and white for $74 each. I also just purchased the Rachel Zoe Blazers and Pants sets (shown on 1st page below) for ridiculously amazing sale prices. I love them and I didn’t have to pay a fortune on any of them. The Blazers were originally $395 and $495, and the pants were $295 and $395. I was able to get all 4 pieces for $600! That works out to about $150 each…. I’d say that was a pretty good deal. If you like Rachel Zoe, head over to her site to see her amazing prices right now. These all range from approximately $55 to about $495 and they are all great quality too! All of the styles below can be found at Nordstrom, Saks, Forward, Revolve, and other designer sites and apps. And ALWAYS CHECK SALES!

I hope you enjoyed my post about blazers. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I’d love to meet you and interact with you!
xoxo Jess from Style by J Rose 🌹


Modeled Styles Part 1

Since I do work at Nordstrom, I have access to a lot of beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I often try on a lot of the clothes that I sell, as it helps me sell the items better because I can let clients know about fit, if an item runs big or small, etc. I also do a lot of research to see if certain dresses, for example, come in different colors that we maybe don’t have in the store, but can offer and order for clients. Here are just a few photos of dresses that I’ve tried on (and purchased some)!
Eliza J Cap Sleeve Shimmer Dress for $128. LOVE this dress! So unbelievably comfortable and it has a subtle shimmer to it as well. I have not purchased this one yet, but plan to, as it is so versatile. I can wear it to a cocktail attire event, put a blazer over it and wear to work, or pair with a leather jacket and boots for a night out on the town! This is a dress for all seasons and will never go out of style.

This dress is by one of my absolute favorite dress designers, Dress the Population. Price points for Dress the Population dresses range anywhere from $165 to over $300, which isn’t too bad considering the amazing details that go into these dresses. I first fell in love with Dress the Population dresses years ago because a lot of their dresses (and some pantsuits and rompers) are made of all sequins. If you get to know me, you will quickly learn I love anything that sparkles… the more sequins, the better! This particular one is fairly new at Nordstrom and available online. These dresses usually run a little small. I am usually a size 0-2, but am wearing the size small here.

Here are 2 more dresses by Dress the Population. Select Nordstrom’s carry both of these dresses, and they can also be ordered online. The one on the left is only $172 and comes in a variety of colors. The one on the right is $254. Both are absolutely stunning!

This picture below is also Dress the Population. See what I’m talking about with the sequins?! These sequins are reversible and turn from red to a midnight color depending on how you run your fingers across them! I ended up purchasing this adventurous lil number for no reason but because I loved it. I justified it at THE TIME by saying it was for a big upcoming birthday, which was like 9 months away when I purchased this. What I will say to justify a purchase! 🙀🤷‍♀️

Another one of my favorite designer’s is Ted Baker. This dress does not truly show off his eclectic and edgy style, but he makes a wide range of items, from colorful, eclectic dresses and purses to dresses like this, which looks like pure class with some added flare so you still know it’s Ted Baker! This is a gray, ‘power suit dress’ in my opinion and I felt like I should be in the boardroom telling people what to do and making big decisions… I felt like a serious Boss Babe lol! I tried on a size too large, which is why my right hand is behind me holding the dress tighter from the back to show how it should really fit. His dresses cost anywhere from $200 to over $600, but money well spent. I would pair this with some white or pink pumps to go with the accessories like the ones shown below. These accessories are more “Ted Baker” – really shows how great he is at design and playing with colors. Fashion is truly an art to me.

This gorgeous red gown by Lulus is STUNNING! I call it the ‘Pretty Woman’ dress for obvious reasons. I tried this one on for fun and I ended up purchasing it on the spot. It is only $94! I currently have absolutely no where to wear this gown, but for the price and the perfect fit, I couldn’t pass it up! And I’m sure something will come up where I need a dress like this, and I will already have it in my closet. I seriously felt like Julia Roberts in one of my all-time favorite movies, Pretty Woman!

We all need an LBD…or 5 of them! This classic beauty is by Helmut Lang and was available at Nordstrom and on sale for a dynamite price. It is made of an ultra-soft knit silk spandex material and was so comfortable! A dress like this can be accessorized like crazy and paired with a bold color pump and clutch! Love it!❤️

This last dress by Lulus came in last night as an online return. It was a size too big, but I tried it on anyways, and I felt like I could get married in this gown. Simple white with silver shimmer threads throughout, a plunging neckline, and beautiful long hem. If I was getting married, I would seriously consider this dress. AND, it was extremely comfortable too – BONUS! This could also be worn to a ‘white party’, which I’m seeing more and more women coming in looking for all white dresses for these parties.

That’s all for this post. I still have a lot more to show, but I’ll spread it out and add more gradually.
xoxo Jess from Style by J Rose 🌹


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