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My Fashion Career Journey

First of all, we are ALL Fashion and Style Trend Setters, no matter how much or little you even care about fashion! We all set the trends in this Fashion World!

Working in the Fashion Industry is a tough business and it’s not for everyone. If you are a M – F, 9-5 type of worker, then the Fashion Industry probably isn’t for you. The hours are hard, my schedule is different all the time, which can make it hard to plan in advance, and because it is retail, I am working most holidays and away from family and friends a lot. But I have such a passion for fashion, specifically Designer Fashion, that I sacrificed a lot to get into this business initially. But I’m already starting to reap the benefits and believe the sky is the limit. My FASHION CAREER is just getting started!

I am currently working at one of the Nordstrom’s in the Denver Metro Area. I love the company and there are so many opportunities to move up within the company. I initially thought I wanted to get into management, and while I haven’t ruled that out, I am seeing that there could be other jobs that may fit my skills better. I have also dreamed of living in NYC…. and they are in the process of building the very first Nordstrom right in Manhattan! The Men’s Store has already opened, and the Women’s store is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2019. I would love to make it there one day and that is definitely on my list of future career goals. And finally, I have just started this blog and am just getting the feel for it, so bare with me while I get it up and running smoothly. I plan to publish a lot of posts about Fashion, Style, Fashion Trends (obviously lol), as well as posts about real life, health, fitness, and the daily struggles we all go through. Follow me on my journey to achieve my goals in this crazy FASHION WORLD!

xoxo Jess from Styled by J Rose 🌹



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