I’ve always been fascinated and curious about the prospect of possibly getting my lips done.. I did a bunch of research and when I felt like I was fully versed on lip injections, I found a clinic with rave reviews nearby and made an appointment. Meanwhile, I have NEVER done anything like this before… No Botox, No breast implants, no nothin’! So I was a little nervous going into it as to what to expect.

On the morning of, I got up early for my 10am appointment. I had decided to go with Simply Injectables in Denver, because as I said above, their reviews were amazing! I arrived at the clinic early and checked in and the staff told me it would just be a few minutes. I forgot to mention that I didn’t tell a single soul that I was doing this! It was kind of an experiment to see how many people, if any, even noticed. While in the waiting room, I took a couple of ‘before’ pics. (See below)..

Once in the procedure room, I spoke with Katie, my Nurse and Technician, who was extremely helpful and put my nerves at ease. She was a great listener and offered advice as to what she thought would be best for me. I was impressed right away! I told her I wanted a “I think something is different about Jess, but I don’t know what it it.. but whatever it is, I’m liking it!” kind of look. She totally got me! She put a topical numbing cream on (which I was adverse to at first, just because I hate being numb). She told me I would really want it because it does hurt. Again, I thought, “Well, I have a pretty high pain tolerance.. I should be able to get through this without it..”. DEFINITELY do the numbing cream is all I have to say! It still hurts quite a bit with it, so I can only imagine without it. I mean, they are sticking a needle into a very sensitive area, so get all the help you can with pain in my opinion. We talked about the plan and where I wanted more filler, where I wanted less filler, etc. So, after answering questions and signing my life away, we got started! We were using Juvéderm Lip Filler, which she explained was the best and ‘middle-ground’ filler that will last up to a year. Here are my pictures from 1 hour after the procedure:

She did warn me that I would have some swelling and possible bruising, which I barely had any swelling and absolutely no bruising…thank goodness! We had discussed during the consultation that I didn’t want to go overboard and look like it was obvious that I had my lips done, but that I also wanted it to look like I had my lips done, but in a very subtle way. We used 3/4 of the syringe of Juvéderm, so I still have a 1/4 left for any touch ups I’d like to get. I already have an appointment for that, as it needs to be used within a month.

So I left the clinic and proceeded to become obsessed with my lips! Here are some pictures below of my results:

So all in all, I had a VERY positive experience with my very first cosmetic procedure. And like I said, I’ve already made a follow up appointment to use the rest of the syringe because 1. I’d like to get my money’s worth, and 2. I’m going to have her use the rest of it mostly on my upper lip. Also, a couple little tidbits of info – I did find out that Juvéderm is a water-based filler, which helps keep your lips hydrated (bonus!). And, if for some reason I absolutely hated it, there is another injection that can be used to dissolve the filler and get your lips back to normal. Knowing that definitely put my mind at ease more.

The funny part about all of this was, my own MOTHER, who I see all the time, did not even notice! And most of my friends at work DID notice. My next shift at work, my manager was walking up to me and started to talk to me and stopped in mid-sentence and said, “OMG, you got your lips done!” Lol 😂. I did wait 5 days and then finally told my mom. And now, she wants to get it done. Also, I’ve had numerous co-workers compliment me on how natural they look and now they also want to get their lips done! That was the ultimate compliment.

Now that I know what to expect, I have no reservations at all about Lip Fillers for the future. I certainly won’t let myself get crazy with them, but I will continue to do this about once a year I imagine.

EDIT: I went back today and had the rest of my filler injected into my lips. She used most of the filler on my mid upper and lower lips to get a “poutier” look. I added a couple of pics to show this, and will add more when I’m not swollen!

Thanks so much for reading, my friends!😘

Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a cosmetic procedure expert, nor am I recommending that you do it or that you don’t do it. What you decide to do with YOUR body is your decision. PLEASE do your due diligence in research and check with your doctor about any questions or concerns.


Bucket Lists – Does Anyone Really Follow Through?

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I HAVE started a Bucket List, but then I started to wonder how many people do that (which I’m sure there are a LOT!), BUT, how many people actually make a VALIANT effort to check things off their Bucket List. I’ve even made a Bucket List for my Dog, Scarlet. I think she has more things checked off than I do! I think all of us that do start a Bucket List, of course, have the best of intentions of checking as many things off as they can. But life can get in the way, and so does THE LIST! My list changes and I add (and remove things) sometimes, depending on what my priorities are at that time in my life. And although I work in Fashion and have quite the collection of clothes, shoes, etc….. There isn’t one thing on my list that even refers to GETTING more. I know I’m not taking my clothes with me, but I know I can enjoy them while I’m here.. 😉

Most of my own personal Bucket List has to do with my Career in Fashion and My Life, but like I said, it constantly changes and I’m always adding things. This is (a very small version) of what I have listed right now…

MY BUCKET LIST (** means I’m DOING it or have DONE it):

1. Get into FASHION as my CAREER**
2. Get a Promotion at Work into Designer Clothing (my passion is Designer!)
3. Start a BLOG**
4. Get Awarded ‘ALL-STAR’ at NORDSTROM**
5. Live in MANHATTAN for a few years and work at the new Nordstrom
6. Meet the Love of my Life
7. Get Married
8. Have a child (still undecided about this only because I’m getting older VERY quickly lol).
9. Write a Book
10. Learn how to stay present and enjoy every moment.
10. Hike a 14ner and spend more time Outdoors
11. Gain 15 lbs of Muscle through CrossFit
12. Eat Healthier
13. Take better Care of Myself
14. FEEL Financially Stable
15. Learn to Snowboard
16. Get up the Mountain each Year to Ski/Snowboard at least 4 times
17. Enjoy EVERY moment with my precious Scarlet. She’s not going to be around nearly long enough!**
18. Take my FASHION CAREER to the TOP!
19. Collaborate with a Famous Designer who I Love & Believe in!
20. Read more Books

Bucket Lists? I suppose it’s just a morbid way of saying ‘Goals’ without adding, ‘before you die’!

I’d love to hear what some of your BUCKET LISTS look like and what GOALS you have set for yourself, whether short or long term! Please share!

Thanks for reading, my friends… I hope you enjoyed. And good luck with your Bucket List. You only live once, so check off as many things as you can. Make sure that when your life flashes before your eyes, it’s worth the view!

Jess – Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹

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