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Good morning, my dear Fashion Lovers!

This holiday season, like every other, we are getting ready for holiday parties, picking out our outfits for New Year’s Eve, and buying dresses for all the festivities that are coming. We need to look our best, and for some, this is a daunting task. The Dress Department at Nordstrom is one of the Departments I work in, and many women are coming in with that look on their face…. you know the one…. the look that says, “I have to get a pretty dress and wear it to this stupid party, and I’m miserable and don’t want to be here!” I had 2 women just yesterday who came in back-to-back with this look. I ended up helping them both find dresses they liked and were comfortable in, but it was definitely a difficult task just because of the mind-set they were in when they arrived. They left very happy though!

But when did getting dressed up for parties, and going to parties in general become such a chore?? I, myself, feel the opposite. I wish I had MORE parties to go to so I can buy more beautiful dresses! Just the other day, I tried on this gorgeous Dress the Population Fuchsia Velvet and sequined Dress and I didn’t buy it because I have no where to wear it…such a travesty! I do suppose I understand not really wanting to go to parties. The older I get, the more of a home-body I’ve become. But I still really like to get dressed up every now and then! I guess I just like beautiful dresses and clothes, but not necessarily the parties that go along with them (pictures the ‘FRIENDS’ episode where the girls are sitting around the apartment in wedding dresses eating junk food and drinking beer…).

I’ve seen this season that a lot of women have elected to wear a jumpsuit or nice pants and blazer instead of a dress, which is a great alternative to those who don’t like dresses. See pictures below:

I even love shoes and boots that have shimmer and sequins. These beauties are actually from DSW and I got them for a great price. They are also really comfortable, believe it or not. I like to pair boots like this with a fairly plain outfit so the boots are the focal piece. You don’t want to pair ‘sparkle on sparkle’ unless that’s the look you’re going for and it looks just right. There IS such thing as too much sparkle! I know, hard to believe, right?!

These sequined boots below are by Steve Madden . These boots are gorgeous, but not the most practical boots in the world. But Style isn’t always practical.. I had to go up a full size from my normal size, and I also about killed myself trying to walk in them for the first time because they were so slippery. They are also very snug around the ankles, and I have very thin ankles and calves. So keep that in mind if planning on purchasing these. And make sure to scuff up the bottoms before you go out in public. Death by boots is probably a fitting way for me to die lol (but not really lol!) 

I bought this super comfortable and very reasonably priced mini bronze/black shimmer dress by Row A at Nordstrom . I have no idea where I’ll wear it, but NYE comes to mind first. My girlfriend even took a video of me ‘walking the runway’ to really show off the dress! 

This next dress is by Dress the Population , one of my favorite Designers, in part because of his use of sequins! This particular style is a personal favorite because of the amazing fit and the sequin fringe bottom. It literally makes you want to twirl the entire time! And it’s a known fact that twirling creates feelings of pure joy, as seen in the second picture below. This is definitely a statement-maker dress.. it also comes in a beautiful cobalt blue and silver.

This last dress is also by Dress the Population. The colors of the sequins are extraordinary – bronze, gold, rose gold, silver – brilliant! If you’ve never tried a Dress the Population dress or jumpsuit before, I highly recommend that you do. Even if you aren’t into shimmer and sequins, they have other styles as well. I, obviously, am into the sequined styles. You can find these dresses at their own personal site, Dress the Population or at select Nordstrom’s and Nordstrom Online .

And lastly, here are some sparkly, shimmery, glittery, sequined styles that can be found at sites like Revolve , Forward , and Nordstrom . If you are hesitant to try a sequined Style, whether it be because of body image issues, or maybe you think it ‘just isn’t your style’…. To both, I say OWN IT! Wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel amazing!

Thank you so much for reading my post today. I hope you enjoyed it as well as the pictures. And I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get in the ‘Sparkle Spirit’! 

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

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Five Fall Essentials to Get Through the Cold Weather

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With Fall finally right upon us, I cannot even tell you how excited I am to start wearing my Fall and Winter clothes again. I’m originally from Florida and lived most of my life there, so this girl never experienced any kind of season changes. When I moved to Denver, I think I was most excited about finally getting to purchase and wear Winter clothing! And sure, living in Florida (South Florida, mind you), we had the occasional cold front and couple of days where the temperatures would drop below 70 degrees. But for the most part, it was either hot and humid, or REALLY hot and humid year-round. Christmases were often spent in shorts, and I never received a Winter coat, mittens, or winter hat as a gift. I always felt like I lived in the wrong place! When the economy crashed in ’08/’09, my mom and I had the opportunity to move to Denver. My mom asked if I’d be interested in moving to Denver, and I said, “I’ll start packing!” I can without a doubt say that it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a family. It’s almost 10 years later, and I still look forward to Fall and Snow, and most importantly, the Fashion! However, when it was time to buy my first Winter cost, no one told me there was a difference between a ‘stylish’ coat and a ‘warm’ coat… I had to learn that lesson the hard way!

1. Blazers

Of course this would be first on my list because I’m having a major love affair with blazers right now. Smythe Jackets (1st & 2nd pics), Veronica Beard (3rd & 4th pics), and Rachel Zoe (5th pic) have some amazing blazers, if you don’t mind paying the high price tags. They are certainly worth it and these blazers are such high quality and will last you forever. They are an investment, but worth it in my opinion.

2. Pants and Jeans

Again, I’ve featured some items by Veronica Beard. I also featured the green dress pants by DVF.. I tried these pants on in the store in my size and they were wonderful and long enough for my 5’9″ frame and super long legs. Veronica Beard’s pants are also very long.

And then a favorite pair of mine are these wool blend Tuxedo Pants by Alexander McQueen. These are quite the pretty penny, but I keep hoping they will go on sale. They are currently $1,500, and they look incredible! They are also very warm, as they are made of a wool blend fabric.

And of course, some cool leather pants are a must! I highly recommend the ‘Prince’ Leather Pant by RtA. They come in different colors and are soft as butter!

I’ve also included a ‘Pants and Jeans’ Board with a compilation of some of my favorites. Designers include: A.L.C., Versace, Veronica Beard, Paige, TopShop, and Citizens of Humanity.

3. Sweaters

We definitely need a collection of all different kinds of sweaters, from thick to thinner. One of my favorites is this Ivory Sweater by Treasure and Bond. It also comes in a few different colors and is very stylish and versatile.

I’ve also included a ‘Style Board’ with a compilation of some of my favorite Sweaters. Designers below include: Leith, Halogen, Rails, TopShop, Ted Baker, Treasure and Bond, and Rag and Bone.

4. Boots and Booties

Need I say more??

Boots are definitely a must for Fall and Winter, but the Bootie is making a larger-than-life comeback. Booties have never gone OUT of style, but I’ve seen more and more styles of Booties this year than ever. So a couple good pairs of booties are a must-have in your shoe wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites:


Can you tell I love sequins?! But it’s party season! We’ve got holiday parties, New Years Eve parties, and office parties to go to…. and we’ve got to shimmer and shine to get in the spirit!
My ‘Style Boards’ below include the following Designers: Dress the Population, Tadashi Shoji, Eliza J, Off-White, Self Portrait, Caroline Constas, Xscape, JS Collections, Veronica Beard, Vince Camuto, Carmen Marc Valvo Infusion, and Monique Lhuillier.

My first picture for Coats is this gorgeous Gallery Chocolate Coat… It is pure perfection and I can’t wait to wear it this year!

My ‘Style Board’ for Coats and Jackets below include the following Designers: J. Crew, YSL, Patagonia, The North Face, Badgley Mischka, Kenneth Cole, and Kristen Blake.

Thanks for reading, my friends! I absolutely love writing this Blog and am so excited I started doing it….Finally! I enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing everyone’s pictures and writing styles too. I hope you enjoy mine as well and I’d love to hear from you!😘

xoxo Jess – Fashion & Style by J Rose

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Your Appearance Really DOES Matter!

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Yes, it is what’s on the inside that really counts. And in a perfect world, we would see ‘everyone’s insides’ first (that sounds kind of gross, but not how I intended it!). It doesn’t matter where we live – the big city or small town – inevitably, running to the store for 2 seconds in our sweatpants with UGG’s on (and sweatpants tucked in sloppily), shirt that doesn’t match, hair on top of our heads, no makeup on, is just an invitation to run into someone important. And we’ve ALL done it. I did it just the other day! I came home afterwards and looked at myself in the mirror, and thought, “oh. my. gosh. Thank goodness I didn’t run into anyone I knew!” But I did run into PEOPLE! Who saw me and looked at me! And who knows, maybe one of them was the man of my dreams, who just passed right on by because he didn’t see my ‘insides’ first. Of course he didn’t! He didn’t even look twice at me because of how I looked! It’s possible that had I looked somewhat presentable, a conversation may have started, and I’d be looking forward to a first date. And while I didn’t run into anyone I knew (this time), I certainly could have! And if so, I picture myself ducking behind food aisles and making a bee-line to my car, all the while forgetting what I came there to get!

What I’m trying to say is that, of course, it’s what is in your heart, mind, and soul that REALLY matter. But in some ways, your APPEARANCE matters even more because no one will get to see all of those other great things about you if they don’t first get by your APPEARANCE! I’m not saying you need to look like you’re going to meet the Queen every time you leave the house, but certainly, a little bit of effort is required when going somewhere.. anywhere!

Since I work in Fashion, I like to “dress the part”. And I take pride in my sense of style that I’ve developed since getting into the Fashion Industry. I am able to basically wear what I want (within reason), and I’m able to express myself through my clothes and how I wear them. To me, Fashion is Art and Art is Fashion. I have certain items of clothing and shoes in my wardrobe that I take extra special care of because these items are like works of art to me. And when I decide to spend a lot of money on clothes or shoes, I give it a lot of thought first – Is it worth the money? What will my return on my investment be? How often will I wear this? Is it really worth this much money? It’s almost like purchasing a fine work of art or stock in a new company!

I’m known at work for having a Classy Style with an Edge. And I like that I’ve developed my own sense of style, finally! I never used to feel confident in what I wore or bought for myself. I would think about it way too much – ‘Do I really like this? Is it really pretty or really ugly? Can I pull this off? Is this me?’ But all you really need to ask yourself is, How does it make you feel? If you feel good, then buy the shoes, shirt, or whatever the case may be. I just purchased these 3 graphic tees by Alice & Olivia (25% off entire site right now!). These tees are SO ‘me’ that I had to get them! I’ll wear on their own or pair with a blazer for a little extra class.

Also just purchased this sequin mini dress by Dress the Population for Denver Fashion Week. It was price matched at 25% off, so ended up being a really great deal, and perfect for the event! I’m going with a friend of mine from work to the last night of Fashion Shows and we have front row tickets! I can’t wait… should be lots of fun! Although I am still deciding between this sequin dress and gold and black one below, which is also by Dress the Population. Any votes on which one??!! I may just buy both for now and decide at the last minute and then return the one I don’t wear. Or not!

Ok, got off on a little tangent there talking about Fashion! It’s easy for me to do!

My primary purpose for this post was to say that dressing your best always is NEVER a bad idea. You never know where it might lead – a new friendship, a date, a new job, etc. So always put your best foot forward wherever you go… It gives you more confidence and self-esteem in general, and, you never know who you might run into or meet!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please leave me a comment. I’m fairly new to blogging and I’d love to interact with you all, and possibly collaborate one day in the future!

xoxo Jess – Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹

Published by Style by J Rose on 10/03/18

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Pre-Photo Shoot — ‘Glam Meets Grunge’

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I am doing a very cool photo shoot soon (Thursday Oct. 4th!) that basically will showcase myself wearing some of my Designer Clothing. I’ve had this vision for quite some time now… It’s basically a ‘Glam Meets Grunge’ photo shoot (will elaborate shortly), and I am finally doing it! The vision I had was to showcase some of my Designer Items in an Industrial area of downtown Denver with old dilapidated buildings, dirt roads, and train tracks in the background. The photographer found just what I had envisioned and is actually excited to do this shoot, and I think, impressed with my vision!
Below are some features of the outfits I put together for the shoot. My next post will be the finished product and the best pics! I am pretty excited and nervous, although I feel a bit better now that I have my outfits…

In this first picture below, I’ll be wearing both dresses with my Prada Combat Boots. I probably won’t wear jewelry in these, as the dresses and boots pretty much speak for themselves and I don’t want to take away from the focus on them.

In this picture below, I’ll be wearing the White Sequin Dress the Population Dress and walking barefoot with train tracks in the background and holding my Sam Edelman heels. I’ll wear some minimal Alexander McQueen Jewelry and possibly a pair of the sunglasses shown below.

This outfit below will be worn as such: Smythe Blazer with the Black Free People Bodysuit, Gold Snake Necklace, and Calvin Klein Black Leather Knee High Boots – And that’s it! I want to show off the blazer, because it is exquisite, so I’m basically just wearing that. I’m wearing the Bodysuit just to make sure my lower half is covered! I’m not trying to show it all, ya know?! I think that this will look very cool though!

My final outfit will be the Red RtA Leather Pants with my Black Gucci Belt, Alexander McQueen Neck Scarf, probably a sheer Black Bodysuit with either a plain Black Bra or Black Bralette. I included the Valentino Heels that I MAY wear, but I also may just pair with some plain Black Heels to keep it simple.

Here is what I have envisioned for the location. This is the ‘Grunge’ part of my shoot! I don’t know exactly what it looks like yet, but the photographer told me there were train tracks and an old warehouse, which is perfect! Also, combining high-end Designer Items like DVF, Prada, RtA, etc., above is just the juxtaposition I was looking for!

My outfits that I have picked are tentative and may change slightly prior to the shoot, so make sure to check back for the finished product..

Wish me luck on this photo shoot. I have to go get everything put together and practice what Tyra Banks calls “Smizing“, which is smiling with your eyes. And so far I’m not too good at that. I either smile, or I just look mean when I try to smile with my eyes! I did some modeling when I was much younger, but it was mostly Runway Modeling because I was tall and had a good walk, and usually you don’t have to smile much in runway shows, depending on what the designer wants you to do. But photos are much different, and this isn’t really a shoot I can be having a big smile on my face the whole time – that doesn’t really go with the theme. So I’ll be practicing my ‘smizing’ in the mirror up until the shoot lol. Hopefully I can master it! If any professional models out there have any advice on this, please feel free to leave a comment! I’d love any feedback..💕

Thanks again for reading, as always, and stay tuned for the final professional pictures when the shoot is done!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 


Modeled Styles Part 2

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I’ve been working so hard lately, and I finally had some time off of work. So of course, I did my usual ‘fun’ things that I always do – laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. You know, all that fun stuff. But I finally had a day just for ME, and what better way to spend it than shopping and visiting with some old friends.
I started the day by FINALLY purchasing some new glasses for myself that I’ve needed for about 3 years now. I wear contacts, but also wear glasses at home a lot and to work occasionally. I wanted a ‘fashion-forward’ pair that would also look good at work. I’ve been wearing glasses from about 2 prescriptions ago! So even though this was kind of an errand and a necessity, if you will, I was still excited about it because I picked out a really cool pair of ‘Fashion Forward’ and classy glasses (in my opinion, of course lol). They are being made as I write this, so I should have them soon. What do we think?!

I spent the rest of the day shopping at one of my favorite malls and Nordstrom’s in Denver…. And I have never REALLY visited the Nordstrom in Denver. I was there a year ago, and I literally ran in to the Nordstrom’s Shoe Department and bought my first pair of Gucci’s and immediately left. So I didn’t see the whole store. I now have a lot of friends who have transferred there, so I wanted to see them too. It ended up being such a fun day!
I arrived at the mall and headed over to Nordstrom and went upstairs. I immediately was drawn to the Designer and Collectors Department (obviously), and started picking out some items I wanted to try on. I found my friend and we started a room while I continued to shop. I first had to try this incredible Yves Saint Laurent Bag in this gorgeous pewter/silver color. How amazing is this bag?!

I finally put down the bag down (which was difficult lol), and started trying on, taking pictures all the while. The picture below is a dress from one of my favorite dress designers, Dress the Population. It fit perfectly and I felt like a golden goddess in it! If you have never tried a dress from Dress the Population, you must try one! They aren’t for everyone, but they can be, and I always recommend Dress the Population to my clients, depending on their style and/or body type, and 99% of the time, they fall in love with them. I just sold 3 yesterday to clients who said they would not have even thought to try them on. So get out of your comfort zone, and just TRY a dress on, (or whatever it is), and you just never know if that will be THE dress! Plus, dresses especially look a lot different on the hangar than on your body..

This next picture features jeans by L’Agence. These jeans are amazing! They have a gold stripe down the side that really makes it unique. I’m also modeling a Black Blouse by DVF. I loved the blouse, but ended up just getting the jeans. These jeans are high-rise, and up to this point, I haven’t gotten on the ‘high-rise’ bandwagon, so this was a momentous occasion I suppose… Although I probably won’t ever wear the jeans with a short top that shows off the high-rise. I am all legs to begin with, and feel that high-rise jeans make me look like I’m just a head with legs lol!

I had also grabbed this DVF yellow shimmer animal print blouse, which I absolutely fell in love with… I’m not usually drawn to yellow, but it went so well with the jeans that I had to at least try it! It was $398, so not a purchase to be taken lightly. I had to think about this one, and still am considering purchasing it. The more I look at it though, the more I want it, so I may still purchase this beauty.

Next was a beautiful, colorful shimmer DVF Dress. This was a knockout! I could get a lot of wear out of this… And could also throw a nice black blazer over it for a more professional look. I have enough black blazers in my wardrobe to last a lifetime. It fit beautifully aside from maybe needing to take it in a little in the back or sides. Other than that, I highly recommend this dress!

And then down to the Shoe Department (still carrying the YSL Bag). I have a friend who works there, and he knows my style because we used to work together before he transferred. I tried on my very first pair of Valentino’s. They are the Valentino Black Suede ‘Rockstud’ Bootie, and they were pure perfection! Loved them and bought them! They are SO my style – classy, sexy, and edgy.

I then found a new brand that I hadn’t heard of before called P448. These sneakers were so unique and edgy that I ended up purchasing those too! I loved them so much that I later ordered another pair in this dynamite blue color shown below. I’m going to find a way to wear these sneakers to work in a stylish, true to my style, way. I haven’t decided what I’m going to pair these with yet, but I will be sure and post pics once I do!

And the vintage-looking Gucci Sneakers below were a must-have… I’ve been looking at these for a long time now, and finally got to try them on, and they were all I hoped they would be! They had to be ordered in my size, so I should have them very soon. I love the “old-school” look of them, and I’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of these.
Now that I’ve purchased 4 new pairs of shoes, I need to go in my closet and do some purging. Out with the old, in with the new! I take very good care of my clothes and shoes, specifically Designer Items. I tend to get bored easily with wearing the same styles of shoes and clothes, so I make sure to keep them in prime condition so I can sell them later if I choose too. For example, the very first pair of Gucci Heels I purchased, while I loved them and how they looked, they hurt terribly and I couldn’t wear them for more than a few hours. I had only worn them to work a half dozen times, and they never actually hit the pavement, only the tile at work, so they literally looked brand new. I ended up selling them for about $400, which was pretty close to what I paid!

I spent some more time with my girlfriend there and we had coffee together. Also said hello to some other old fellow co-workers. By that time, it was about 2 (and I started early!). I had one stop to make, then ventured in to Urban Outfitters, and while I was just looking around, the fire alarms went off. I honestly didn’t pay much attention, as did no one else. They kept going off, and finally an employee from the store said we needed to evacuate immediately! So I spent the next 2 hours outside, in the rain, unable to get to my car or to my Nordstrom friends! Three fire trucks came raging up with sirens blazing, but then the firefighters just kind of meandered into Nordstrom. So now I’m thinking there’s a fire in Nordstrom! Finally the alarms went off and we were allowed back in. It turned out there was just a malfunction in the wiring of the alarm system! So now it’s 5pm and rush hour in downtown Denver, and it’s time to go. I was trying to get out before rush hour, but things happen, so I just rolled with it and enjoyed a nice, LONG drive home lol!
That was my day for “ME” though, and all-in-all, it was a pretty good day! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Please visit again, as I have 2 more posts almost ready to go. And I’d love to hear from you too, so please feel free to comment. Thanks, friends! 😘
xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose 🌹


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