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Good morning, my dear Fashion Lovers!

This holiday season, like every other, we are getting ready for holiday parties, picking out our outfits for New Year’s Eve, and buying dresses for all the festivities that are coming. We need to look our best, and for some, this is a daunting task. The Dress Department at Nordstrom is one of the Departments I work in, and many women are coming in with that look on their face…. you know the one…. the look that says, “I have to get a pretty dress and wear it to this stupid party, and I’m miserable and don’t want to be here!” I had 2 women just yesterday who came in back-to-back with this look. I ended up helping them both find dresses they liked and were comfortable in, but it was definitely a difficult task just because of the mind-set they were in when they arrived. They left very happy though!

But when did getting dressed up for parties, and going to parties in general become such a chore?? I, myself, feel the opposite. I wish I had MORE parties to go to so I can buy more beautiful dresses! Just the other day, I tried on this gorgeous Dress the Population Fuchsia Velvet and sequined Dress and I didn’t buy it because I have no where to wear it…such a travesty! I do suppose I understand not really wanting to go to parties. The older I get, the more of a home-body I’ve become. But I still really like to get dressed up every now and then! I guess I just like beautiful dresses and clothes, but not necessarily the parties that go along with them (pictures the ‘FRIENDS’ episode where the girls are sitting around the apartment in wedding dresses eating junk food and drinking beer…).

I’ve seen this season that a lot of women have elected to wear a jumpsuit or nice pants and blazer instead of a dress, which is a great alternative to those who don’t like dresses. See pictures below:

I even love shoes and boots that have shimmer and sequins. These beauties are actually from DSW and I got them for a great price. They are also really comfortable, believe it or not. I like to pair boots like this with a fairly plain outfit so the boots are the focal piece. You don’t want to pair ‘sparkle on sparkle’ unless that’s the look you’re going for and it looks just right. There IS such thing as too much sparkle! I know, hard to believe, right?!

These sequined boots below are by Steve Madden . These boots are gorgeous, but not the most practical boots in the world. But Style isn’t always practical.. I had to go up a full size from my normal size, and I also about killed myself trying to walk in them for the first time because they were so slippery. They are also very snug around the ankles, and I have very thin ankles and calves. So keep that in mind if planning on purchasing these. And make sure to scuff up the bottoms before you go out in public. Death by boots is probably a fitting way for me to die lol (but not really lol!) 

I bought this super comfortable and very reasonably priced mini bronze/black shimmer dress by Row A at Nordstrom . I have no idea where I’ll wear it, but NYE comes to mind first. My girlfriend even took a video of me ‘walking the runway’ to really show off the dress! 

This next dress is by Dress the Population , one of my favorite Designers, in part because of his use of sequins! This particular style is a personal favorite because of the amazing fit and the sequin fringe bottom. It literally makes you want to twirl the entire time! And it’s a known fact that twirling creates feelings of pure joy, as seen in the second picture below. This is definitely a statement-maker dress.. it also comes in a beautiful cobalt blue and silver.

This last dress is also by Dress the Population. The colors of the sequins are extraordinary – bronze, gold, rose gold, silver – brilliant! If you’ve never tried a Dress the Population dress or jumpsuit before, I highly recommend that you do. Even if you aren’t into shimmer and sequins, they have other styles as well. I, obviously, am into the sequined styles. You can find these dresses at their own personal site, Dress the Population or at select Nordstrom’s and Nordstrom Online .

And lastly, here are some sparkly, shimmery, glittery, sequined styles that can be found at sites like Revolve , Forward , and Nordstrom . If you are hesitant to try a sequined Style, whether it be because of body image issues, or maybe you think it ‘just isn’t your style’…. To both, I say OWN IT! Wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel amazing!

Thank you so much for reading my post today. I hope you enjoyed it as well as the pictures. And I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get in the ‘Sparkle Spirit’! 

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

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As you can tell by my title and can probably guess… I am currently 39 years old, but am about to be 40 in just a few short days! I have NOT been looking forward to turning 40, but I am trying to put a positive spin on it! Turning 40 simply isn’t the worst thing in the world, right? RIGHT?!

This past year has been filled with ups and down, wild turns, roller coasters, and really a crazy theme park wild ride. I’ve certainly had much worse years, and I’d even consider my 39th year on this earth to be a pretty good one overall. I have a lot to be grateful for – I’m still working in Fashion, which I love; I’m still very healthy, although I’d like to be more fit going into my 40’s; I still have my best friend and baby girl, Scarlet, my American Bulldog, who is 5 now; I have a great, supportive mother in my life; I don’t think I look 40😉; And I’m doing ok financially. Plus countless more things I am grateful for.. So why does turning 40 scare me?

Well, I think it scares me because I’m not where I thought I’d be in my life right now. But who really is? I thought I’d be married with kids a LONG time ago. Never in a million years did I think it would ever be possible for me to be turning 40 and still be single. It also scares me because I have a very small family, no siblings, and I’m only close with my mom, who obviously won’t be around forever. Yes, she is also getting older! We are all getting older as each second passes. So I worry sometimes that when my mom is gone (God forbid, but still being realistic), I will REALLY be alone, and that part terrifies me!

But, I said I was putting a positive spin on turning 40, so I’m not going to talk about the morbidity of my mom, or the fact that I’m still single without kids. Although, I just did, didn’t I? Ok, so NOW I’m not going to talk about that. I’m going to believe that there is a reason for these things, and I really do believe there is a reason! Even though I’m not exactly where I thought I should be in life at this age, I’m going to trust the Universe that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, whatever the reasons. I’m going to believe that there is a plan and I’m living out that plan perfectly right now!

So for the moment, I’m going to focus on the great year of 39 I just had! I continued to grow and advance in my Fashion career (New York 5 Year Plan, here I come!), I still enjoy my job and look forward to what the future holds in it, I have a great family and supportive mother who I’m very close with, I have wonderful friends and have become close with some at work who want to take me out that night, I am still loving and raising my Scarlet, who has turned out to be the best dog I could have ever asked for! She really has gotten me through some tough times, and I’m grateful I’m able to give her the best life for the short time she’s with me here.

I love this quote below talking about not being held back by a number… very inspirational! It speaks to me quite a bit because the closer I’ve gotten to the age of 40, I feel that I rush into things and try to go so fast because I don’t want to waste time. I do this specifically when it comes to my career in Fashion. I need to just slow down and breathe and let things happen, without becoming overly complacent of course.

So as I finish up this post, TODAY is my 40th birthday! It just feels like a normal day so far… I’m going to get a few chores done and then get to having some fun! I have the whole day off of work and my mom and I are going to have a shopping day together, which sounds wonderful. She is one of just a few people who I actually like to shop with (I’m a lone shopper normally). That evening, I’m going to meet up with some work friends and have just a chill night with them at a sports bar. It was nice of them to want to take me out and they seem to be excited for a night out too! They all knew I was having a hard time with turning 40, so I’m glad they are forcing me out of the house to have some fun! Hopefully we don’t get too crazy, as we all have to work the next day. But knowing this crew, we will get crazy lol! Either way, it will be a fun time! 🍻🎂

Thank you for reading everyone and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on getting older. I think my 40’s will be my best decade yet! They do say that your 40’s are the new 30’s, after all!

EDIT: Just wanted to give a little update on my birthday… it was actually a really nice day and evening! Mom and I postponed shopping until this weekend because I was so exhausted from working 5 days in a row on my feet on a busy retail weekend, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the mall. So I just relaxed for most of the day and then went to the bar to meet some gurlfriends that night! We had a great time – great friends, great conversation, lots of laughs, and just an overall great evening out! So it turns out that turning 40 really didn’t phase me much lol 😂

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose

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RtA Brand Spotlight

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For my second Designer Spotlight, I’ve decided to showcase RtA Brand! Some of you may not have heard of them, as they just debuted in 2013. But in that short time, they have certainly made a name for themselves by creating quality, fashionable, and edgy designs for the fashion-forward woman who likes to stand out with her style (that’d be me lol!)






I absolutely LOVE RtA’s Mission Statement and what they stand for…. “It is the Rebel who sets the trends..RtA is a State of mind, and while the clothing evolves, their ideas are never deterred”. Just BRILLIANT!

I wore these RtA Brand Red Shimmer Leather ‘Prince’ Pants for my photo shoot. I also have them in silver and they are seriously amazing! They are so amazing that I also purchased the ‘Prince’ Pant in the color Lithiun below (2nd pic):

Some MANY favorite items of mine by RtA are below. The ‘Prince’ Pant is my absolute favorite! I have the silver, red, and now the Lithium colors, and every time I wear them, I get so many compliments. Plus, they literally feel like butter. The quality and fabrics used are incredible! I’m actually trying to remember how I came across RtA, and I honestly can’t remember, but I’m sure glad I did!

RtA Information (Los Angeles Times 2017 Article excerpt):
Inspiration for this collection stemmed from “the good times when girls used to have fun.” According to designers Eli Azran and David Rimokh, women are rock ‘n’ roll in their relaxed, ideal world; the AW17 collection does not disappoint this vision. The RtA girl for AW17 wears silver suits and casually layers chubby fox fur coats over denim overalls. She wears patent-leather slouchy pants matched with striped sweaters and metallic bomber jackets with denim.
Rta continues to build exciting, organic momentum globally and the exclusive international positioning of this brand and its “cool vibe” have fostered a cult following.

This was just a bit of background into this up and coming Designer Brand. I would definitely be watching this company, as their designs and trendsetting items are worthy of being worn by celebrities, as well as folks like you and I! They have awe inspiring designs (Road to Awe), and a slightly androgynous Style. The RtA woman likes to have fun while looking great in casual, edgy, and dressy items made to look exciting and adventurous. I personally know that when I wear my RtA Leather Prince Pants, I get so many compliments on them and I feel like a million bucks. I think Nordstrom needs to pick up this line and I think it could do very well, wink, wink 😉!

For more information on RtA Brand, please visit rtabrand.com. You can also find select RtA items at Saks, Revolve, Forward, and other Designer sites. Links for these sites are under ‘My Favorite Links’ page.

Thank for reading, my friends. I hope I’ve inspired you to go out or make an online purchase of some RtA Brand items. I’m going to go try on my newest pair of Prince pants in the Lithium color!

xoxo Jess from Fashion & Style by J Rose🌹

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2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recap

My Purchases:

I’ve compiled pictures below of some of the items I purchased from this year’s 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I decided that this year I would go for a lot of basics and items that I could get a lot of wear out of year long. Of course, I also purchased some things I just REALLY wanted (i.e. the Stuart Weitzman ‘Waverly’ Shimmer Sock Bootie), because, well…. I’m only human. I certainly didn’t NEED those, but c’mon, look how fantastic they are?!(Original price – $575; Anniversary price – $369.90). I’ve already received those, as well as the Leith ‘Finn’ Red Sock Booties, which also comes in black (Original price – $110; Anniversary price – $69.90). I’ve worn them both, and am very happy with both of those purchases – very comfortable, true to size, and oh so stylish! And I’ve gotten so many compliments on both pairs!
The J.Crew ‘Streets of NYC’ Tee was a must because I love NYC and this will look amazing alone with white jeans or a white blazer over it (Original price – $39.50; Anniversary price – $25.90).
I just received my Spanx Camo Leggings! They have a very cool sheen to them and I’ve always been a lover of Camo styles. I purchased the size Small according to the size chart and because I’ve never worn anything by Spanx. They pretty much fit just like your normal workout leggings and are very comfortable and stylish. I can wear them to workout, just lounge, or even possibly style them in a way that I can wear them out! (Original price – $110; Anniversary price – $72.90).
I just happened to stumble across the Calvin Klein Camo Underwear and Sports Bra Set, so I bought both pairs of underwear and the sports bra and I love them (Sports Bra original price – $28; Anniversary price – $17.90; Camo Underwear original price – $20; Anniversary price – $12.90)

This next picture below features my favorite camis ever! They are the Halogen Seamless Camisoles that come in many colors and are also reversible. I wear these camis pretty much every day underneath whatever I’m wearing, and they just make me feel a little more ‘sucked in’ and definitely more confident! Normally these are 2 for $49, but for the sale, they were 2 for $39! So I got my standard black and white (can’t ever have enough of those colors), and I also got the navy and light pink.
I did not end up purchasing the fabulous Stuart Weitzman ‘Lafayette’ Slouch Boot (comes in Mojave Suede below as well as Black Suede). They are fantastic and hopefully a lot of people did purchase them. I decided that since I already bought 3 pairs of shoes, I didn’t really NEED them. So, for once, I was being practical lol! (Original price – $775.00; Anniversary price – $489.90)

The Sam Edelman Black Stud Heel is fantastic! I received it a while ago and was worried that maybe I should have gotten the 8.5 instead of the 8. But I wore them for the first time the other day (at work for 9 hours on my feet, mind you), and I was I able to wear them comfortably that whole time! Very chic, comfortable, and 3″ heel, so not hard to walk in. It also comes in nude (wish I had gotten the nude now that I know how great they are!), and a cool print color. (Original price – $139.95; Anniversary price – 89.90).

The TopShop Duster was an impulse purchase at work. I saw a lot of my fellow friends and associates trying it on and buying it, so I of course, had to try it for myself. It looked a lot better on than I thought it would and it will look great over an all-black outfit to spice it up! (Original price – $110.00; Anniversary price – 69.90.)

I just received and tried on my 1.STATE ‘Sall’ Ankle Strap Open Toe Pump, and now I want the red pair too! They are pretty sexy shoes, and aside from needing a pedi, I thought they fit pretty well and were very comfortable. And the red pair isn’t a bright red, it’s a deep dark red color, which I like a lot better. Oh, decisions, decisions…..

This Vince Camuto Ruched Sleeve Stretch Blazer is fantastic! I was able to purchase this and so glad I did.. it’s so comfortable, can be dressed up or down, paired with a variety of tops, and fits so nicely (Original price – $129.00; Anniversary price – $85.90).
I also purchased the Halogen Basic Mock Neck Sleeveless Tops in red, ivory, and black. These are also great pieces and perfect for layering, and look great with the Vince Camuto Blazer! They are jersey material, light, fitted, and stretchy (Original price – $42.00; Anniversary price – $27.90). All items in the picture below are still available in select stores and online.

My Missed Out Items and Still Deciding Items:

These next 2 photos are items that I either missed out on (sold out), or haven’t decided on! I REALLY wanted the Chelsea28 Navy Corduroy Blazer (Original price – 99.00; Anniversary price – $65.90) and the Mural Drape Trench (Original price – $128; Anniversary price – $75.90). I missed out on those two items, as they both sold out quickly. And even though I am a Nordstrom Employee with a Nordstrom Credit Card (which you would think would get me first ‘dibs’), we are not allowed to purchase any Anniversary items until the sale opens to the public. So that is how I missed out on some of these fast-selling, popular items. I can’t complain though, because we do get a lot of other perks. The Mural Drape Jacket is back in stock though at its’ original price of $128!
The 1.STATE BOOTIES in all colors and styles are also on Anniversary, but I wasn’t CRAZY over any of them, so decided to pass on these. Plus, I think I’ve bought enough shoes to last me a while lol!

I love the 1901 Plaid Blazer and its a great price, but I may want to save for other items I want more in the future (Original price – $159.00; Anniversary price – $89.90). I’m also in love with the Ruby Red Theory Velvet Power Jacket, but my size is not available right now, and it still costs a lot, even at the Anniversary price, so I didn’t get that one, but I’m still going to my eye on it see if it goes on sale (Original price – $495.00; Anniversary price – 329.90). The Theory Off the Shoulder Blazer also looked very cool, but we didn’t have any in my store to try on, so I passed on that as well. But I did order both colors in the Spanx Pillow Cup Push Up Bras, and I love them! Read the reviews though and don’t size down on the band size or size up on the cup size. My normal size is a 32D, and they didn’t have a 30DD anyways, so I listened to all the reviewers and got my normal size and am very glad I did. Love these bras!

All in all, another great Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the books! See you at next years’ 2019 Sale!
xoxo Style by J Rose 🌹


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